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Frankie's food diary- newbie- any advice welcome

I'm on day 4 of my first week. Want to check I'm doing this right as I'm really worried I'm eating too much to loose any weight.
I'm on EE.

Day 2
Breakfast- Banana (I'm really not breaky person)

Lunch - 4 fried eggs (frylight), half pieces of grilled back bacon-8 (all fat removed), small tin of spagetthi hoops, Big tomato, 2 Large mushrooms

Dinner- Lean Steaks grillled (2) (All fat removed) Slimming World chips, baby sweetcorn 2 tbsps of ketchup - 2 syns

Snacks- Rasberries, 1 kiwi, 1/2 a pot of fat free jelly, 100g of low fat natural cottage cheese - 0.5 syns, 2 mini babybel -HEA
2 Alpen light cereal bars- HEB, 2 finger kitkat - 5.5 syns

Total 8 syns

Exercise 20 minute walk
Wii fit 10 minutes
Swimming 1 hour
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Day 3

Muller light yogurt, 8 strawberries

Lunch- White pasta- 200g, 2/3 tin of sweetcorn, tin of tuna

Dinner- Grilled chicken breast, 42g of light chedder- HEA Slimming world chips, 2 large mushrooms, green beans, 2 tbsps of ketchup- 2 syns

Snacks- 9 strawberries, grapes, blackberries, rasberries, 2 alpen light cereal bars- HEB, Walkers crisps 25g- 6.5 syns, 1 finger of kitkat- 2.75 syns

Total Syns- 11.25

Exercise- Walk around the park- 15 minutes
Day 4

Breakfast- Light alpen cereal bar O.5 of HEB

Lunch- 4 roast potatoes (frylight) 2 parsips (frylight), 3 half back bacon, baby sweetcorn, green beans, medium mushroom, bowl of strawberries

Dinner- Omlette- 3 eggs, 42g of light chedder HEA, mushrooms. Slimming World chips, green beans, Large mushroom, 1 tbsp of ketchup- 1 syn

Snacks- Grapes, alpen Light cereal bar O.5 HEB, 2 finger kitkat 5.5 syns, slice of white danish weightwatchers bread (21.6g)- 3 syns, tsp of flora extra light 0.5 syns

Total syns -10

Exercise- 5 minute walk
Wii fit-15 minutes
Day 5

Breakfast- light alpen cereal bar -0.5 HEB

Lunch- Half pieces of grilled back bacon-6, 2 eggs (frylight), small tin of spagetthi hoops, 6 medium mushrooms (frylight)

Dinner- Grilled gammon (fat removed), slimming world chips, large mushroom, baby sweetcorn, 2 tbsps of ketchup- 2 syns

Snacks- light alpen light cereal bar- 0.5 HEB, 3 mini light babybels- HEA, Blackberries, rasberries, walkers 25g crisps- 6.5 syns

Total syns- 8.5

Exercise 30 minute walk
Wii fit 15 minutes
i'm reading your diary and thinking where's my pen>? lol sounds really good and very interesting mix of food.... i've never been a healthy eater but joining sw has changed that 'a bit' no joy in the past but this time im gonna stick to the rules..... and i'm defo gonna copy some of your meals.... keep it coming good luck xoxox

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