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ok so it might just be that I am over tired as I am still stupidly jet lagged but ready a few pages though and noticed the article posted about the deaths on LL...

Now I did my research on this diet and nothing said anything about that!

I know I sound stupid i have been on the [email protected] diet for nearly 5 months... but its late and my head is playing games!

Surely like piggy flu there must have been some underlying heath issue their, people just wouldn't fall down with no symptoms...?
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ive been lookin at that article too, im worried about it too :(
ive only been on the CD diet fo 4 weeks and i have like 13st to lose, and worried that i could fall very ill!!! ive booked a Docs appointment for a couple weeks time, just to check im all right!

paranoia for me too, so i understand where your comin from...

take care

Katy x


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Hi keira

I too have read the newspaper coverage. I have grabbed hold of the Daily Mail for Wed 9th Sept, page 11. An opinion is given by a GP who writes in Good Health magazine every week who states" that's why the tragic death of Samantha Clowe seems unlikely to be the fault of the diet itself, but was down to some other problem. And as the coroner indicated, this was probably to do with her heart".
I am not computer literate enough to directly access you to that article but perhaps you could take a look on The Daily Mail website.
It is so very sad that this young woman died during her attempt to improve her health, and look her best for her forthcoming wedding.

I wouldn't try to give advice to anyone else, but for me I believe that there are so many health complications that arise from not tackling obesity - for example, I nursed people that had had strokes for several years and also progressed to a community role supporting them to return home if possible, or be placed in a care home. There is most certainly a proven link between obesity, high blood pressure and risk of strokes.
I would not worry, you have done so well. If you do have any concerns about any aspect of your health, then have a chat with NHS Direct, your practice nurse or GP.
Good Luck with your CD journey.


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i've been on CD for 2o weeks now, and this doesnt worry me a jot.
I know there are cases like this that reach the press...becuase we all love to read about the bad bits....gives us an excuse to quit...but its made me more determined!
I would rather undertake a diet like this than stay at 22 stone and have a heart attach from continuing to shove my face with crap!
its like everything else, you "could" get hit by a bus, struck my lightening, etc.....but these are RARE cases hun with underlying often unknown health problems so you shouldnt worry too much!

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There's no evidence that the diet was directly responsible for her death. It seems likely that she had an underlying heart condition. Whether her being on the diet caused her heart to go pop, or whether it could have just gone pop at any time I can't say. But I can't see why a VLCD should have any effects on your heart, I can't see that you're making it any harder for your heart to function. If she'd not been on the diet, I doubt her death would have got any column inches at all, it would have been solely due to the underlying weakness in her heart.

As Blingbabe says, being obese is much much worse for your health. IMHO this is just scaremongering by the media who are having a slow week and don't understand the diet and want to sell newspapers.

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