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Freckles - My food diary :)

I have done slimming world on and off for ages and I know it works but have never stuck to it :( I am now 'in the zone' so to speak and know that this time it will happen!! Have decided to keep a diary on here, so I can keep track of what I am eating each day. I have already lost 8lb and hope it continues this way!

Wednesday - RED

Porridge (HEB)with 0% yoghurt + chopped up banana mixed in
Break - Alpen light bar (½ HEB) , satsuma, and fat free yoghurt.
Lunch - Pork with tons of salad, mushrooms, (HEA) Cheese. Alepn light bar (½HEB)
Dinner - Pork, butternut squash mash, carrots and salad
Evening syns - Cornetto (YUM!!) 9.5 Syns
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Thursday - Red day

Breakfast - Porridge (HEB) 0% yoghurt + mixed with strawberries and raspberries
Break - 2 alpen light bars (HEB) satsuma
Lunch - 2 rashers bacon, mushrooms, 'fried' egg, let over pork and slice of cheese (HEA)
Dinner - Salad and big yum bowl of beef chilli
Syns today is a slice of homemade birthday cake, as it is my boyfriends birthday. It is covered in strawberries and cream but I will only have a small amount. Hope that my syn allowance will cover it, if not then oh well :)
Friday - Green day

Porridge HEB with 0% yoghurt, and a banana

Lunch - nothing :( had too much to do and no time to eat - did manage to grab an orange and an alpen light which needs to be synned. I think 3.5 syns?

Dinner - Bowl of pasta with HEA of cheese, mushrooms, salad, and some weight watchers creme fraiche - 5.5 syns worth.

Late evening - will have some beans on toast HEB for supper and a glass of HEA milk yum yum, as we are off out tonight and I know I will be hungry when I get home!

My taste for all things naughty is slowly fading! I think it might have something to do with the fact I have stopped drinking pepsi max. When I drink this I tend to crave bad things. Have stuck to squash and water only and it seems to be working!
Saturday - red day

We have been out for the day and have kinda done ok I think.....

Breakfast - Porridge HEB, strawberries and 0% yoghurt

On the journey there - a bag of wotsits 5.5 syns.

Lunch - Salad, with 2 chopped up boiled eggs, ham, mushrooms, onion, peppers, grapes, cucumber, lettuce, and HEA of cheese. Topped with 2 syns of light salad cream. HEB 57g wholemeal roll, and a banana.

The way home is a bit meh, but tbh I resisted what I would have normally had so it isn't THAT bad. We stopped at the evil Mcd's!!! I had 2 chicken nuggets, and a caramel sundae. The ice cream I think is 16 syns :( and I am not sure about the nuggets. However, it hardly matters much seeing as I have gone slightly over today anyway. I will make up for it tomorrow with abit of luck and if it had been this time last month I would have had the works, so I tbh I am very pleased with myself!!

I might have some more salad for supper if I am hungry and there is some more ham in the fridge so I might pick at that later.
Sunday - Red day

Breakfast - slice HEB wm toast, 3 rashers bacon(no fat) 'fried' egg, and mushrooms.

Snack - fat free yoghurt, ham, banana

Dinner - Beef chilli with red peppers, served with lots of salad and some fresh cubed pineapple. Was delicious.

Syns today - Cornetto 9.5 syns tea cake 5.5 syns - total 15.

Supper - I am so hungry so I am going to grill a chicken breast with some pepper spice and a HEA of cheese on top.
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Monday - weigh in I lost 1lb!

Breakfast - porridge HEB, banana, and ff yoghurt.

Break . Alpen light bar - 3 syns

Lunch - Lean steak with salad, and slice of HEA cheese, followed by a large fresh fruit salad and half a ff yoghurt.

Dinner - will be chicken, carrots, salad and anything else free and healthy to chuck on my plate + Pågen krisprolls HEB.

Have been snacking on grapes all day. Every time I pass the punnet I have to have one or two :)

Syns - Curly wurly from the fridge- 6 syns - Total today 9.
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Tuesday - red day

Breakfast - porridge HEB, Banana and half a ff yoghurt.

Lunch - Huge salad, with mushrooms, grapes, HEA cheese, grilled peppers, chicken, and 2 syns salad cream.

Snack . bowl of strawberries and 0% yoghurt.

Dinner - 2 crisproll things 1.5 syns each, chicken and cucumber.

Syns- chocolate tea cake 5.5 - total 8.5 syns.
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Wednesday - Green day

Breakfast - Porridge HEB, 0% yoghurt and banana.

Lunch - Jacket potato with beans and salad.
Bowl of strawberries with a dollop of 0% yoghurt.

Dinner - Spinach, mushroom and quark stuffed canalloni, with salad and SW chips. HEA cheese.

Syns- 2 Flora extra light , curly wurly 6 syns - total 8.
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Thursday - Red Day

Breakfast - porridge, 0% yoghurt and a banana.

Snack cold hard boiled egg.

Lunch - left over chicken, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with 3 syns of gravy.

Dinner - Left over beef bolognaise, with salad and HEA cheese.

Syns - Gravy 3, had a Tesco finest white belgian choc chip cookie, have no clue as to the syns, was very nice tho and probably worth it as I will not feel the need to binge on junk now I have had something to satisy my 'naughty side'. I have a few syns left over from the week so I would imagine I am still within my allowance. Total - Enough ;)
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Friday - Green day

Breakfast - Porridge HEB 0% yoghurt, and a banana

Snack, 2 alpen light bars HEB

Lunch - 2 tesco crisp bakes with cucmber - 3 syns

Dinner - Spinach, mushroom and quark stuffed canalloni (again!! it was so yum) with a salad, sweetcorn and roasted peppers and some sw chips! Use a HEA cheese on top of the canalloni.

Syns - crispbakes 3 - don't know the rest yet.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there. Just having a read through your diary. Do you plan your meals in advance, or do you have adhoc days? There are some days where you have hardly anything at all and thats when you go over on your syns by eating the things that are really high in syns. You also seem to be "guesstimating" a lot, which really isnt good as you could end up going over your syns for the day.
Try bulking your food out. Have a look at the other food diaries on here Hun to get some ideas. I have one here as well. I usually plan my meals for the next day in advance as Im at work during the day and just have access to a microwave and a kettle. I can still have my cooked breakfasts and lunches, I just have to prepare them the night before.

Well done on your loss this week.

Hi, I do tend to plan out my meals in my head for the following day, although I do change them depending if I don't fancy what I had planned. I think the times I went over the last couple of weeks was when we went out for the day (long journey) and also when I really fancied something naughty. I sometimes have to guestimate as I do not go to club (can't afford it) so have to make do with my books that I do have. I guess when it seems like I have just had a salad, my salads are HUGE. Could be a meal on their own! lol. I also do not tend to snack so much as I am never at home in the day to snack, so I do tend to stick to 3 meals a day and something naughty in the evening. I tend to get picky picky in the evening, that is my downfall time.
Thanks for the advice, you have done so well with your loss!
Saturday -

Breakfast - Scrambled egg on two slices ww toast HEB - What a waste of a breakfast, I feel sooo hungry, it doesn't feel like I have eaten anything

2nd breakfast - I am going to use a 2nd HEB on a bowl of porridge. I think I will stick with that in future as it fills me up until lunchtime usually + 0% yoghurt and a few blueberries.

Lunch -Fruit as I was full after a double brekkie :O

Dinner - Bolognaise mince with salad and veg.

Syns - 2 cookies - 11 syns
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I am back from a weeks holiday. I have kept on trackish, but have had a few naughty treats in the week! It was my birthday as well so we had a yummy chinese and a chocolate cake from heaven! Have had a good time tho, but back to it today. I normally weigh myself on a Monday but am going to leave my weigh in until next Monday instead!

Breakfast - Porridge (HEB) blueberries, banana, 0% yoghurt.

Snack - 2 alpen light bars (HEB)

Lunch - Chicken breast, salad, slice cheese (HEA), Salad cream.

Dinner - Chilli and salad. Had double portion!! Strawberries and melon. FF yogurt.

Syns - Salad cream 2 , cornetto 9 - Total 11 syns.
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Breakfast - porridge (HEB) blueberries, 0% yoghurt - Alpen light.

Snack - Alpen light (HEB) and a ff yoghurt.

Lunch - grilled chicken breast with cajun spice in a roll (5.5 syns)and salad.

Snack - 2 hard boiled eggs to tide me over until I am home from College tonight.

Dinner - 2 pork loins with a field of asparagus, salad, cooked peppers and mushrooms. Followed by another yoghurt, 2 flumps and a tinky milkybar!

Syns - Bread roll 5.5, flumps 3 syns, milkybar 3.5 syns. Mini cooked sausage 1 syn.

I have eaten loads today! I feel like an ickle piggy!
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Hi, Yeah I basically just had mixed a pot of quark with an egg, lots of spinach, and some chopped mushrooms (dry fried firsat to take out the water from them) a few herbs and lots of pepper to taste. I then stuffed the mixture into canalloni tubes and placed in an oven dish. Chucked over a tin or two of tomatoes to cover, depending on how many I make. Then sprinkle a H ealthy extra of cheese on top and cook for about 20 minutes until the tubes are cooked. I sometimes chuck on some basil or oregano on top. It is quite nice served with sw chippies! I am sure there are lots of tweaks you can do to make it nicer tho! I think there is a recipe for something similar in one of the recent magazines but I am not 100% sure.


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Thanks for this will have to give it a try.
Btw we are of similar height and have about the same to lose, so will be following you :)

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