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I am on day two and freezing. I only remembered from when I last did it that yes, its very normal!! xxx
Hiya. My hands and feet are always cold since I started 5 weeks ago!!!
Just stocked up on slipper socks and my slanket is my new best friend.
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I'm into week 7 now and I'm so cold! I'm a cold person anyway, even in the summer i'll have a cardi on but this is something else! Doesn't help that here the weather is so cold too, I have the heating on and 2 jumpers and I couldn't say I was warm!
So, yes it does seem to be normal :)


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Hi yes this is very normal I have been cold since I started. I spoke to my cambridge consultant about it and it is where food is not giving you the warmth by digesting. She suggested having the soups as they help keep you warm. Hope this helps xx

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oh lord, this is not good news. I have storage heaters in my flat, possibly the first ever storage heaters made!


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Soups or the bouillion help along with a hot bath- or failinh that 30 mins doing an exercise video!!!
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I'm on day 10 and freezing doesn't help I'm a cold person anyway as got a thyroid problem but I'm extra cold on the diet which is very normal for me

But I'm keeping really busy trying to warm up by cleaning the house :) oh and burning those extra calories

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The first 3 days I was freezing, even sat round my parents with my coat on! Does it not stop eventually??!!
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For me I'm cold the whole time I'm on a vlcd but that might just be me lol

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