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Freezing tetra packs?


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It's fine to freeze them. Lots of people do it as it turns them into a type of icecream.
Oh brilliant, thank you! I could always take a spoon aswell then, incase it hasn't thawed properly!!


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Yep i have done this & works a treat. If you're going to be having them late in the day might help to have a little insulated bag to put them in - i used a bottle bag from when the children were babies :D - as they'll thaw out but still stay nice & cold.


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yeah i did that, makes yummy ice cream!! :)


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I tried this with the choc for the first time last night, and after feeling sad that the rest of the family had all tucked into ice cream and not me, found I had my very own bowlful. It was gorgeous, but quite rich. Only prob was my kids kept wanting to eat it because it was so nice. :):):)


Step away from the chips!
It makes a huge amount of ice-cream too - i really struggle to finish it all :eek::eek:


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Ooooh, this idea had never dawned on me :eek: I much, much, much prefer tetras cold but never clicked that by freezing them they'd stay cold for a day out :):)

Thank u ladies:):)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
yeah makes loads doesnt it!! i was very suprised, but i think it tricked my mind into thinking i was having ben and jerrys lol well...almost
they are yummmyy frozen. sometime if i have forgot to leave mine in the fridge i will stick it in the freezer for a hr and its sooo cold then really nice really cold
It makes a huge amount of ice-cream too - i really struggle to finish it all :eek::eek:
Wish I had that problem :) always tastes like more, its why I only put one in at a time LOL
Ooooh I have just shared with my 3 kids, a frozen banana bliss. It was totally divine, as it has been sooooo hot today!!

I shall be having a chocolate one tomorrow to try. I think this will definitely be a treat I can get used to!!
Ah poo!

My CDC has just phoned, as she emailed CD officially about freezing the packs, and they said "although they know some people do freeze them, they can't endorse it because they don't know if it changes the nutritional value of them"

I just wanted to pass that on, so people can make an informed choice.
Thanks for passing that on, but sure dont birdseye or some other frozen food company sell frozen peas on the fact that they are frozen on the day they are picked to give the best nutritional value, I'm thinking there will be little enough changes in values either way I'll keep doing it for the treat :)
They were my sentiments hedgehog, but because I started the thread I thought I should pass on the info.

I can't see it would add calories by freezing it, and it is a delicious treat.


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Did it on Saturday and my pack took me about 30 minutes to finish lol!


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I did this tonight and it was delicious!
As I was having my choccy mint shake this morning, I thought what a damn shame it is that they don't do it as a tetra!!! Choc mint ice cream!!! *dreams*

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