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What's the deal with feeling SO COLD?!!! Does it mean that my metabolism has slowed down (and if so what can I do about that)? Or does it mean things are working as they should be? Look forward to hearing from you as fearful thinking it means my metabolism slowed down as only way I can think to rectify that is to have a Carb burst...
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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Feeling cold is a very common side effect on LL, so relax! I can confirm it means everything is as it should be! Albeit, admittedly, not too pleasant feeling freezing!! ;)

Mind you, I no longer feel cold actually, so guess it does subside... and also on the plus side, your metabolism actually speeds up when you're cold so if anything, it's doing the total opposite of what you were concerned about! :D

Thanks Pinkie, that's useful. We've had great weather and everyone been in their t-shirts, shorts etc and I'm walking about Baltic with 2 x jumpers on! Lol

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Lol... no problemo hun! I know what you mean and are not alone, honest! I used to sit with my fan heater on my sofa, 2 inches away from me, and still be shivering! ;)



...we're sinking deeper.
It simply means your body isn't wasting the energy to heat your body. It's shut down non-vital elements such as hair/nail growing (to some degree) and heating and is using the energy to move, breathe, think instead.

It is normal on a low-calorie diet such as this. Perhaps stock up on some wooly socks and maybe even some arm-warmers, as your extremities will be suffering the most!



...we're sinking deeper.
How do you know all this?! Extremely useful info and greatly appreciated :)
Erm... :eek: Don't know really... I read a lot of things to try to understand what I'm doing and where I'm going... Seems like my mind is a bit like a sponge for random information...

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