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Frequently asked syn values! Mugshots? Mullerlight? - find it here

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Cavycrazy, 30 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Symingtons Mug shots ?? syns ?? can you have on EE ?

    Hi everyone.

    hope you can answer my query.

    Just started again today SW and have the new EE book. Am going to try that plan but not sure if can have the Mug shot ?? if I can does anyone know if any syns in them ?

    I have tried finding them on the SW web but not had much luck finding them. !!

    Many thanks.
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  3. Emerald

    Emerald Full Member

    Mug shots spicy flavour and tomato and herb flavour are both free on green - which would make them also free on EE. They are both tasty and well worth having in your house! Enjoy!

    (not sure about the other flavours but think they are listed as manufactuer 'mugshots' in the syns online)

  4. BevR

    BevR Full Member

    our consultant told us that the noodle variety is also free, any flavour. so i went and bought 2 thai noodle mugshots
    yuck! i dont like thai, thats one packet to go in the bin. what a waste
  5. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    The Spicy sweet and sour noodle ones are very nice...I believe its any of the ones that is less than 1%, but Im sure someone will confirm that.
  6. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Ooh I have just had that one and the taste is a bit perfumy for want of a better word. I still ate it though. :D

    Prefer the cheese one the most. :)
  7. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Ah ha! thats why couldnt find them. Thanks for that advice, they are under Mugshots in Manufacture section.

    thanks x
  8. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    I cant find them. but i dont know if its cos i dont know what they look like.. or if they're just not there.. lol

    x x
  9. Sophs

    Sophs SW Angels founder member

    I love them..I have the tomato and the sweet and sour:D
  10. BevR

    BevR Full Member

    i had a one spoon ful not impressed, had another, no definately didnt like it, waited a few mintues, maybe it will grow on me.
    no, third spoonful was worse still.
    Do i ever learn.. apparently not lol
    decided to throw it in the bin before i gave it another go:D
  11. loobylou

    loobylou Reached Target. woohoo

    Not all of the mugshots are free heres the syn value guys.
    Noodle ones that are free are Chicken, Chow mein and Sweet & sour less than 1% fat.
    The tomato & herb pasta one is free.
    Cheese & ham 3.5
    Chicken & mushroom 2
    Chicken & vegetable 2
    Creamy cheese 2
    This is all on green days.
    Hope this helps. xxx
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  12. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    There are some questions about syn values that come up time after time. So to save time, here is a full list for mug shots and mullerlight yogurts. Starlight will be making this a sticky so it can be easily found and linked to.


    Pasta varieties
    Cheese 'n' Ham, dried 66g sachet - 3.5 syns on green/EE, 13 syns on red
    Chicken 'n' Mushroom, dried 66g sachet - 2 syns on green/EE, 14 syns on red
    Chicken 'n' Vegetable, dried 60g sachet - 2 syns on green/EE, 12 syns on red
    Creamy Cheese, dried 68g sachet - 2 syns on green/EE, 13 syns on red
    Minestrone, dried 60g sachet - free on green/EE, 11 syns on red
    Roast Chicken, dried 55g sachet - free on green/EE, 10 syns on red
    Tomato 'n' Herb, dried 64g sachet - free on green/EE, 12 syns on red

    Noodle varieties
    Chicken, dried 54g sachet - free on green/EE, 11.5 syns on red
    Chow Mein, dried 55g sachet - free on green/EE, 9.5 syns on red
    Spicy Sweet 'n' Sour, dried 67g sachet - free on green/EE, 12 syns on red
    Thai Style, dried 55g sachet - 0.5 syns on green/EE, 10.5 syns on red

    Cous Cous varieties
    Chicken & Mushroom, dried 70g sachet - 2 syns on green/EE, 13.5 syns on red
    Tomato & Roast Vegetable, dried 70g sachet - 1 syn on green/EE, 12 syns on red

    Mullerlight Yoghurts

    Mullerlight Yoghurt, basic varieties - syn free
    Banana and Custard
    Peach and Pineapple
    Raspberry and Cranberry
    Wild Blueberry

    Mullerlight with Chocolate Sprinkles
    Orange Yoghurt Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate - syn free
    Vanilla Yoghurt Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate - syn free
    Vanilla Yoghurt Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate and Black Cherry Underlayer - 2 syns

    Mullerlight Limited Edition Yoghurt
    Lemon Cheesecake, 175g - 1 syn
    Summer Berries - syn free

    Mullerlight Inspired By Yoghurt
    American Cheesecake, 165g - 1 syn
    Strawberry Cheesecake, 165g - 1 syn

    Mullerlight Layered Yoghurts
    Blackcurrant and Raspberry - 1.5 syns
    Peach and Passionfruit - 1.5 syns
    Strawberry - 1.5 syns

    There are many other yoghurts that are also syn free and you can find a list here
    Last edited: 20 July 2011
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  13. miminglover666

    miminglover666 Full Member

    Brilliant thanks!!!
  14. *Theresa*

    *Theresa* Full Member

    I had one of those lemon cheesecake Mullerlights this morning....worth every bit of the 1 syn it cost me.....yum yum yum
  15. pesty

    pesty Fighting the bulge

    my C said they were free :eek:

    Thanks for this Circes, good shout!!

  16. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Fab post Circes, well done!
  17. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    Ah shucks! It was Starlight's idea really! I suppose if there are any other ones that come up a lot they can be added later.
  18. nicolas

    nicolas Silver Member

    great thread ! ;) :)
  19. icklerockchick

    icklerockchick slow but steady!

    i think adding pasta n sauce would be a good idea since some that were free before are now synned :)

  20. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    superb thread honey xxx

    i love me mug shots.....and pot noodles in a mug too!!! x
  21. lexii =)

    lexii =) Member

    Thankyou ! great thread i was worrying about the mugshots and have been counting them as syns. Iv found that mugshots by them selves arent really filling but on a green day making a tomato and herb mugshot and adding extra pasta or mushrooms, onions, peppers etc really helps! :)

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