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    Hello everyone! *waves* :newbie:

    I'm a Mum of 4. and boy does it show! I've been set back a bit in the weight department by surgery in 2012 to remove a tumour that left me in a lot of pain. I also quit smoking in August so that's had me reaching for the sweet treats! I'm now at 12st 4lbs and this isn't great for me at all. My goal is to lose 44lbs. I joined WW yesterday and have joined this site looking for real support.

    Most of the weight I've gained has been since I quit smoking, I've put on a shocking 2 stone! I don't feel comfortable at all. My Husband is the same so we're both doing this together. The main problem we have is portion size, lack of exercise and general lack of healthy food in the house. That changes this week. I'll be sending the Husband out tomorrow for fruit, veg and other healthy foods. That does sound a bit bossy but I'm recovering from Chicken Pox, so I'm a real sight at the minute!

    We live in Airdrie in Scotland. I'm not sure if this is a UK or US based site? Are there any of you close to me? In any case, I really hope to make friends through this journey from near and far. Look forward to chatting with you all.
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