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  1. Olwyn1975

    Olwyn1975 Member

    Hi, so this is me, 38, 5'4" and 16.4 stn mother of one, wife of an annoyingly slim choccoholic/ doughnut lover!
    I'm starting Asda's meal replacement vlcd today, l have been here before with the Howards way diet but it was so expensive and the shakes were vile so l bounced from one diet to the next with no success and no real commitment past the first week - that is till now...
    My 9 year old daughter walked in on me getting changed, she only saw the top half from behind but the look of disgust on her face left me mortified and ashamed. My mum passed away in October and it has opened my eyes to how bad my weight problem has become and how much it controls pretty much everything l do.
    So here goes :) my blood sugar has been high and ive read that tfr can help.
    I would really love to get back down to 10stn by the summer so l'm not sitting in the shade wearing a hoody as l have for the past 10yrs.
    I took my daughter to school with dog 30 mins walking then had my 1st tfr at 9am.
    Lunch tfr 2.30 feeling ok
    major salivation whilst making tea but managed to abstain.
    Trying to hold out for as long as possible for my 3rd need to drink more water.
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  3. Olwyn1975

    Olwyn1975 Member

    2nd day Tues 14 Jan
    2lbs down, probably shouldn't weigh myself until next week but who am i kidding, l would go mad if l didn't step on those scales lol
    Still need to drink more water, l was thinking i could use the vimto bottle in the fridge but then id have to drink the vimto as l couldn't bear to tip it out so l guess l will keep refilling the 750 one.
    Weather pretty rubbish not sure if i will walk the school run or drive, suppose walking will leave less time int house for temptation and give me exercise hmmmm.....
  4. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Good luck!

    I did the CD back in June 2012 and it's the same principle isn't it? I lost 2 stone in 7 weeks and then calorie counted the rest off. I was 15 st 2 back in 2011, I've maintained at 9 stone 5 ish for 19 months now so it can be done

    Do you eat meals on the plan you're doing?

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  5. Olwyn1975

    Olwyn1975 Member

    Wow! That's fantastic, well done, havent tried the cd, was a bit expensive. Yeah, im doing shakes for b/fast and lunch then a meal (veg & fish or chicken) for tea otherwise l know i'll binge!
  6. k8joealf

    k8joealf Full Member

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    Wow Getagrip!! Well done, 15stone down to 9 is amazing!!! You are an inspiration xx
  7. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Thanks:) I'm.definitely proof that it can be done. Maintenance is actually.harder than losing the damn weight in the first place but I promised myself that I wouldn't put the weight back on and so far, so good. It's.difficult though and I'd advise.anyone doing a Vlcd to research an eating plan for when you're finished. In my experience calorie counting with an eye on carbs and no snacking works well. I am super strict Monday to Friday and do five spin and cardio classes a week. At the weekends I truly eat what I fancy so am.often found with a bar of chocolate in one hand and some cake in the other! If I stick to this formula though my weight remains stable.

    How are you getting on with it? Try and dig deep if you feel.yourself waiver. It's worth it in the end. Also remember that being overweight is hard and losing weight is hard... Choose your hard:) ( I found this statement reasonably.motivating)

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  8. Olwyn1975

    Olwyn1975 Member

    Struggling today, why did l decide to give up smoking at the same time?lol
    Shakes for b/fast and lunch with ww meal for tea (295cals) a bit worried this might be too much, feel a bit daft saying that when normal intake should be around 1500!
    Im supposed to make the shakes with skimmed milk but milk gives me spots and ive been looking at alternatives but the ones ive seen seem to have an awful lot of sugar and I'm trying to keep my blood sugar down so l've just been using water and ice and it tastes pretty good.
    If anyone knows an alternative to milk (ive looked at soya and almond both seemed to be quite sugary couldn't find any others) i would be most greatfull.
    Went to get my implanon out today and they couldn't find it as i have put on so much weight, the doc kept grabbing and poking my bingo wings :-/
    Anyway onward and hopefully downwards :)
  9. Olwyn1975

    Olwyn1975 Member

    That's a fab statement! I think you're doing brilliant! I definately think the word 'choose' is what's doing it for me at the moment - l can choose to keep going and be healthy and happy, or l can choose to sabotage it and be miserable...
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