Fresh start on CD after 7 month break!


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Hi everyone,
I am restarting CD today after 7 months off, reason being that I have been in a lot of pain in the past 7 months (some of you might have read my other post), I have 3 damaged discs in my neck and 3 damaged in my lower back. I haven't been able to do much exercise and have felt pretty low so have gained 2 stone of the 3 stone I lost on CD last year. I wasn't going to weigh myself, was only going to use clothes as a guide but the curiosity got the better of me and I was pleasantly surprised I hadn't put the whole lot back on. I am going to weigh myself monthly not weekly this time.
Yesterday I went into hospital had had four facet joint injections (steroid) in my lower back (god it was painful, I cried like a baby) so I am to do nothing for a while whilst the healing takes place and I will be off work for at least another 8 weeks SO I thought this would be a perfect time to start CD as I know you can't do much exercise whilst ssing, at least for a few weeks anyway!
I am not in pain but just sore and uncomfortable at the moment, but it's better than the pain!
It will be nice to shift the 2 stone I've gained before returning to work.
I went into a hospital where they do alot of plastic surgury and talking to the nurse I was surprised how many tummy tucks take place there so that got me thinking and it's a very tempting goal - am thinking seriously about that, need to get to 10 stone first 14.3 at the moment!

I look forward to many posts...cheers all...xx susan
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Back again!
Hi Susan

Welcome back to Minimins and to CDing - all the best with your re-start. It's great that you're using your recuperation time in such a positive way and re-starting your CDing, rather than sit around feeling sorry for yourself and eating too much.

All the best, hope your back starts to feel a bit better soon.



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Hi Susan, welcome back and good luck with SS i think weighing yourself every month is a fantastic idea and should keep you all the more motivated.


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Thanks guys for your kind words...never realised that I am using my recuperation time in such a positive way, that sentence has really give me a boost and I do feel positive....cheers..susan xxx


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Hi Susan,

Lovely to see you and so sorry your having such a time of it with your health.

Good luck with your fresh start and you know you have done it before and can do it now.

By the time you get back to work you could be down 2 stone:)

Good luck on your diet journey.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Susan,

It is fantastic that you have come back and getting back on to CD. You have done really well, and it won't take long for those 2 stone to come back off!!

Keep up the good work, and hope you are feeling better soon!! (keep resting!!)


Allan G

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Hi Susan,

i too have re started after a five month break, trouble is i put all my weight back on, but its comming off again, good luck on your new journey;)


Full Member lot are so nice...I know I've restarted at the right time, it's amazing what a day and a few jabs can!!
Just about to have my soup...cheese and brocoli....never tasted the new recipes before...xxxx