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Fresh start - take 101 ?

Starting afresh for what feels like the millionth time - figured posting my food diary daily might help me along!

Wednesday 9th November
Red day

2 weetabix with HEA milk

Leftover pork stir fry

Mint hi fi bar

mushrooms, onions and tomatoes
8oz jacket potato (5.5 syns)
Sachet Schwartz mushroom sauce (10.5 syns)

Total syns - 16
Was my weigh in tonight (gained 1.5lbs, hence the fresh start) so I figured the extra syns for the sauce won't matter so much....

Wish me luck :)
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I've had 2 weeks of spiralling out of control, got away with a maintain last week but I carried on eating anything and everything thinking I could get away with it - the gain was the kick I needed! Think you should def go to class :) x
Day 2 of many - Thursday 10th November

Well I had intended on a green day today but the savoury rice I made up last night for today's lunch doesn't look appealing at all so change of plan! Trying to stick to original/green this week as EE wasn't giving me the results I expected some weeks....

I have half a pineapple & melon chopped up to take to work with me

Leftover homemade lasagne
28g cheese plus 21g mozzarella as part of my HEA (will use the rest on milk in my tea)
I use a tin of batchelors low fat condensed mushroom sauce as my white sauce, works a treat & is 7 syns a tin which does a 6 portion lasagne so will count 1.5 syns
I use 6 lasagne sheets so for 1 portion that's 3.5 syns

OH is making homemade bolognaise with lots of veggies & extra lean pork mince which I'll have with my HEB portion of whole meal pasta & I'll syn a garlic bread slice at 4.5 syns

Hi fi bar

Total syns planned for the day - 9.5

Also going to go to the gym once i finish work & try to get rid of some of this wobble!!

Hope everyone has a good day :) x
How's everyone's day going?

I've stuck to my plan do far - apart from the addition of a bag of s&v French fries :)

Haven't been to the gym as planned but I have a day off tomorrow so I can go tomorrow at 8am!

Just waiting for dinner to finish cooking, smells divine ?

Morning all! Happy Friday :)

Days holiday today & I had planned on being at gym at 8am but I'm currently sat in bed with a brew & bowl of pineapple contemplating chilling or a workout....hmmm!

Today's plan is to have a green day but it's the only day of the week where my plan might fail as i am out in Manchester tonight to see a comedian & there shall be drink involved.... And lots of naughtiness to tempt me on the walk back to the train station!!

But I do have a plan and it goes a little so something like this....

Pineapple, melon

If i have any, it will be a jacket potato with beans

Toastie made with my HEB of wholemeal bread, my HEA of cheese & a small amount of ham which I'll count as my other HEB or syn if I have a hi fi bar during the day

Out & about for much of the day so "rush job" meals planned with few syns so i can limit the alcohol damage from tonight!

Hope everyone has a good day xx
On way home from Manchester, had a few drinks but not gone OTT, albeit over syns... Most importantly, my plans changed but I didn't go off plan (ignoring alcohol!)...


Jacket with beans & bacon (HEB) in pub with salad
Few if OH curly fries which I'll count as about 5 syns (mccains are 4 syns for 100g uncooked & I didn't have anywhere near that but I guess they may have been deep fried!)

And that's it so far... On way home from Manchester now & planning a midnight snack of a Ham & cheese toastie using my HEB of whole meal, my HEA on cheese & syn some wafer thin ham :) I am sooooo hungry!!

Proud of myself for resisting the subway & burger king, despite the hunger pangs!!

Morning all :D

Plan for today feels a little hazy in my head so I'd best get it planned out here lol..,.

Turkey rashers, poached eggs, mushrooms and a whole meal roll (HEB)

I don't tend to eat lunch at the weekend tbh

Homemade hawaiian pizza on a warburtons wrap (8 syns) with HEA of cheese and my HEB of potato on some sw chips :)

Curly wurly (6 syns)
Had some ham & scrambled eggs for lunch...and had a tsp of clover light on my wholemeal bun at breakfast

Might skip the curly wurly and have a glass of wine (or two)... But I don't tend to count alcohol, probably why my weight loss is do god damn slow lol ;)

Been up & about most of day, me and OH just cleaned our cars & I put lots of effort in for extra body magic, and now we're off to the gym :)

Go you ;) You deserve wine!

I never used to count alcohol either! Am being strict at the mo though (by blowing half my weekly syns today... Oops!!)


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I wasn't TOO naughty...had 3 small glasses of rose :)

So, my plan for tomorrow is....another red day...,

going for a swim first thing so planning on having some melon before we go


Turkey rashers

I wasn't too naughty, only had 3 small glasses of rose :)

So, I'd better get the plan for tomorrow in my head... Another red day I think...

Going swimming first thing so going to have some melon before I go

Turkey rashers, skinny lizzy sausage (1 or 2 syns depending how greedy I feel!), couple of poached eggs, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes

Lancashire hotpot with potentially my full HEB on potatoes, served with pickled red cabbage...I've got a sachet mix for the hot pot which is 5,5 syns so will count 3 syns to be in safe side

Curly wurly if I NEED chocolate, Options hot choc if I just have a sweet craving

There, plan made.... Can sleep well now!

Night all xx
Skipped the melon & went straight to the swimming pool, managed 30 or so lengths, jacuzzi & steam room :)

Had brunch as planned, opted for 2 sausages so am on 2 syns so far today :)

Going to make the Italian chicken soup recipe from the new soup book this afternoon for lunches tomorrow & Tuesday :)

Still on 2 syns, unless I count the glass of rose but I am having a random Sunday afternoon dancing in the kitchen with OH :)

Cooking Lancashire hotpot for tea and made the Italian chicken soup for much tomorrow (was supposed to do me 2 days but OH tasted it & requested it for his lunch tomorrow too!)

Hope everyone's having a lovely Sunday xx
Still ravenous after an early-ish tea & OH, who has the red wine munchies, has ordered himself a Chinese so I've gone for chicken & pineapple which I'll syn at 6, similar to beef & mushrooms I guess, and use the pineapple as a HEB :)

So I'll end the day on 11 syns plus a couple of glasses of rose that I'll ignore!

Plan for tomorrow....a red day....

Porridge (HEB) with HEA milk & a couple of tsp jam (1 syn)


Italian chicken & tomato soup

Salmon with my HEB whole meal spaghetti & a mini tub of extra light philli (2 syns)

Curly wurly or options hot choc

So I'll end the day under 10 syns which is what I'm aiming for

Going to go swimming straight after work as well :)

WI on Wednesday, hope I've done enough, I have had a few drinks over the past 3 days but overall prob less than id drink on an average night out :)

Well, I had my chicken & pineapple from the Chinese, 1 BBQ spare rib & a bite of spring roll....

Today so far is going to plan...

Porridge with 4 tsp jam - 2 syns

Italian chicken & tomato soup - delish!

So far so good :)

There's lots of cake in office but actually not tempted at all!!

Got my swimming cozzie with me so going straight from work :)

Hi all :)

Had a bowl of melon mid afternoon and a hi if bar before I went swimming as I was pretty hungry... So there went 6 syns

Went swimming & did between 40 - 50 lengths, kept losing count lol! Think I'll ache tomorrow!!

Had a few slices of turkey when I got home, waiting for tea to cook... Had salmon with my HEB whole meal spaghetti mixed with a mini pot of Philadelphia extra light - 2 syns - mixed with spinach

Going to have an Options white hot choc before bed and that'll be my lot, ending day on 10 syns :)

Hope everyone's had a good day :) x

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