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fresh start ts exante !!!

Well was running out of shakes and no cash so was in a panic and ate :cry:so that lasted 3 days and 2.5lbs up so got to lose 16.5 in 4 weeks before holidays, so back today with a vengence lol bought some shakes off ebay and measure up bars which should do till next monday when i can afford to order :D

Start exante J
Get past the 1st weekJ
Lose ½ stoneJ
Make it past week 2 J
Drop a dress size J
Lose 1 stone J
Make it past 3 week J
Get bmi under 40 J
Lose 1 ½ stone J
Get under 200lbs
Get to holiday weight of 189lbs
Make it past a 30 days of exante J
Lose 2 stone
Get bmi under 35

Weeks 1-4 -20lbs
Weeks 5-7 -7.5lbs
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Been liberated by Exante!
hey well done! I like your style, its great when women take charge again. I am sure it will go well.



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You just gotta be inventive sometimes to get where you wanna go.... you sound really determined :)
well what a good start me and lil one got gastric :( so trying to have shakes and bars but dont really feel like it but suppose belly will feel better not filled with stoggy food so stick at it


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Aaaw, that's really rough, hope you both feel better soon xx
omg what the hells wrong with me doing really well durning the day get to tea and gave in again its driving me mad so need to get back on track
4 weeks today till hols and want to reach my pre holiday goal so need a kick up the ass


Been liberated by Exante!
I agree - tea time is the most difficult time of the day. Its been a very busy day. There is nothing wrong with you - you are human! I am tired, hungry and in need of comfort food too. Its such a well learnt habit - I need comfort! Its really tough. Why am I on this site now? To distract myself. The green tea helped and the second bottle of water too - but I now know that the urge for food does pass and I know what I want.
I want to be rid of this weight much much more than I want any old comforting foods.
I hate being fat and that's that - I am not going to be fat any more.
Anyone want to join me? I am going to be slim because I know that's what I want - without doubt.
Wow - that feels better. Good luck everyone and hold on in...
Don't beat yourself up over it! I have tried to restart so many times and just failed miserably, but this time I just managed it.

I think seeing it as a positive helps. You know ... I don't have to do this, I WANT to do this.

Hope it gets easier for you
well 1 shake down and feeling alot better doing 3 weeks ts no nibbles ect even though ive lost just under 2 stone in less than 2 months i cant see it on myself i still look exactly the same the only difference in my clothes got loose and im on next size down wonder how much more i need to lose before i see the changes??
Hey scary I've lost just under 2 and a half and I don't see it that much yet but everyone else can.have you tried measuring and photos? I have read a couple say they don't feel it till they lose three stone, it won't be long and you will be there, good luck xxx

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