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Fresh start.

:mad: Very angry with myself as I just can't stick to this!! I feel like i have no self control when it comes to food! Does anyone else feel like this?

I restarted yesterday and so far haven't slipped up, so fingers crossed I will stick to this 2nd time around.

21 points allowance.


x2 crumpets 2.0. With light butter and Jam 2.0. 1 Glass of tropical juice 1.0 Skinny Latte 1.0?
x3 coffees 2.0
WW leek and bacon quiche 3.0 only ate half plus salad.
WW Lemon and ginger biscuit 1.5
Walkers baked chrisps 1.5
1 lamb burger new potatoes and salad with l/f dressing. 7.0
Herbal tea, diet coke and water.

Exercise walking.


x2 crumpets with light butter 3.0 tropical juice 1.0 Coffee x2 2.0
Rice crispie marshmallow bar
WW Half a Quiche from yesterday.3.0 Shapers salt and vinegar discs 1.5
Dinner - Chilli con carne with rice.
Snack x2 crumpets with butter and jam.
Shapers still raspberry and kiwi drink 0.5. Water.


A bowl of fruit and fibre with milk.
Caffe maya.
Jacket potato with cheese and chilli
Dinner - edit later.
Drinks - diet coke, water. s/f squash.
Exercise walking.

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Hi there,

I know exactly how you feel! I am the same, anytime I am bored, stressed, angry, upset etc. all i want to seem to do is eat and just cant seem to know when to listen to my stomach!

I noticed you have the same target as me - 12st 13lbs! :)
I weigh 15st 11lbs just now and started on weight watchers on monday. My first weigh-in is on Tuesday so fingers and toes crossed!
My goal weight is for my mother-in-laws 50th bday party and I want to lose 3 stone! The party is in October so I have 9 weigh-ins and have calculated I need to lose 4lbs a week to get down to the target! :8855:
I've been working out at the gym at least 3 times a week as well to aid the weight loss I just hope it works!

Stay positive Soph, just think how happy you will be when you reach your goal :)

Kirsty xx
Thank you Kirsty.

I've had a bad couple of days with a viral infection. So have de-railed quite abit :cry:

Need to be more positive with myself, the only problem is my confidence has plummetted down to zero! I just feel so agitated all the time with my weight and the stress of everyday life is effecting me.

Hows it going for you? Thats cool we have the same goal, I'm currently 14 stone. So another 1st and 11 pounds to go. . .

Do you fancy buddying up on ere. We can then give each other support and advice? x

I soo know how you feel! lol

I have been really low everyday for the past couple of months, but getting better now by doing this diet because I Know I can do it! :)

I had my first weigh-in tonight and lost 3lb so am now 15st 8lbs which is okay because it was also my totm lol so hopefully an extra couple will come off next week!

That sounds a great idea! I'm not sure how the buddying works tho... lol :D

Kirsty xx
Well done :)

I've restarted today, doing ok.

B:Fruit and fibre with semi-skim milk 3.5. Small glass of orange juice 1.0

x2 Dark choc digestives 2.0

L: Egg Mayo sandwich and a packet of hula hoops. Need to work out points.


Drinks: Coffee x2 2.0 (milk) Water.
Heya how are you getting on?

Kirsty xx
Hey Kirsty :)

Hows it going? Congratulatations on the 4lbs loss!!

I've been ill for a week, so unfortunatly came off track...humph

But feeling better and raring to go.

Points allowed 21

Thurs 6th

Bowl of start cereal 3.0 + 2.0 milk

Cadburys caramel cake bar 3.0

WW Carrot and lentil soup 1.5

Mcvities mini cheddars 3.0

Salmon fish cake, new pots and roasted veg with corn on the cob 7.0

Drinks: Cafe maya skinny 1.0 water.

20.5 points altogether. Might have some strawberries later 0.5
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Good to see you back girly!

Whens your next weigh in?

I've been doing okay. I started on the Alli weight loss tablets this week so I hope they help me to lose an extra pound or so next week as I know my goal is slightly ambitious! lol :D

Kirsty xx
Cool :)
Let me know how you get on, as I really wanted to try those tabs.
My weigh in is on Thurs, but i'll be in Paris. So I'm thinking next sat :)

Currently 13.13. Another stone to go and I'll be at my 5% goal x
Will do, had no side effects yet so that's good! Will let u know on Tuesday how much I've lost! Hopefully around 4lb!! :)

Why don't u set up on your signature how much you lose each week that way it easier to keep track! :)

Kirsty xx

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