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**Desperate need some help as I've put on 1lb**

Hi everyone, I've been 12 days on Induction so far.

I decided to weigh myself today, normally it's saturday, but i just wanted to see how i was going, and I've put on 1.3 pounds.

I know weight will flutuate but I'm worried cos I did so well last week and I feel that it's all going Pete Tong :cry:

Below is what I've eaten in the last couple of days (haven't got the weekend as i didn't write it down.

sweet oopsie rolls (made with splenda) 2.4
30g extra thick double cream 0.5

3 chicken portions 0
BBQ marinade 2.5

Chicken 0
100g riced cauliflower 0.5
50g chopped toms 4.0

1 pack pork scratchings 0
2 suger free lollys 0

Total = 9.9

1 Atkins day break shake 2.0
oopsie rolls 2.5
Drizzle of Josephs sugar free maple syrup 0

150g sugar free Jelly (made with fizzy pop) 1.0
20g lettuce 0
30g cheese 0
20g coleslaw 0.5

Cod in butter sauce (tesco value) 4.8
80g brocolli 1.5

Whey protein shake (powder) 3.8
200ml unsweetend soya 0.4
Da vinci chocolate sugar free syrup for extra taste 0
3 slices of ham 0
30g soft cheese 1.0
100g sugar free Jelly (made with fizzy pop) 1.0
100g sugar free Jelly (made with fizzy pop) 1.0
30g cream 1.0

Total = 20.5

WEDNESDAY I've had brekkie today but will have lunch at 12.00

MIMS (flax bread stuff) 3.2
2 servings of marmite (10g) 2.0
Butter 0
Mug of tea 0.6
100ml unsweetend soya milk 0.2

2 chicken portions 0
100g riced cauliflower 0.5
50g chopped toms 4.0

Don't know what I'm having for dinner tonite yet!

Phew that took forever, so any advice would be really helpful.
I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure.

BTW i normally do the gym at least twice per week but I haven't been this week cos i felt crap, but i did go last week.

Oh i forgot to say I'm drinking 6-8 glasses of water today, carbonated water and still and green tea and only about 1 cup of normal tea made with that unsweetend soya milk.
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My suggestion would be dump all the sugar free stuff and no atkins bars. Then up your green veg significantly. oh and avoid tomatoes

Good luck!
Many thanks.

Funny you know, when i typed down the list and I saw the sugar free stuff, i thought i wonder if anyone suggests going back to basics! :D

It's hard to break the convenience food / sweet tooth thing. I've been doing it all my life, it's like a habit.
Right then i got my keostix just now, I've weed:D on one and it's showing at 1.5 mmol/L (15 mg/dl) ( the third colour along)

Is this ok? not that i want to get complacent cos i don't.

Also I've had 4 glasses of water so far today.
if the sticks are showing any colour at all, your in ketosis, it doesn't matter what shade pink they are but if your showing as really dark then you prob need to drink more water.


Determined to succeed!
Nude is generally not showing ketosis, or only trace ketones... but it can change so quickly. Best time to test is first thing in the morning xx


" If at First".....
I have Atkins original book & in it he says, go for purple. Of course there's been a lot of books since so the rules may have changed, especially since his death. I'm sure he would have frowned on the Atkins products like those bars. I have read somewhere that his widow dissociated herself from "Atkins" as it is now. Of course in twenty years things do change but for me the bars are a no-no.
I go in and out of ketosis very quickly, can tell if I'm in by the number of times I need the loo !
Sorry to be dumb but what do you mean I'm going to the loo loads but thought that was cos I was drinking so much ? Sorry I was on vlcd bit really struggled to get the shakes down so am trying 2 shakes n 1 meal with hardly any carbs but seem to have stopped losing

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As far as i understand...It's your body getting rid of the excess acetone so you pee more often but not necessarily a lot each time. So your in ketosis and your body wants rid of something it can't use xx

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