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  1. ellaye

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    So, after a wobbly couple of weeks, I've decided to come back to MiniMins full time, as it was one of the things that helped keep me on track for the first month.

    I started on January 1st weighing in at 391lbs. Disgusting, right? A month later, I was down to 372lbs. And that's where I've stayed for the past couple of weeks. All my own fault, of course. I veered off track in a big way, eating takeout food & chocolate and not tracking my calories as well as I should have.

    But, I'm ready to knuckle down and start again. I'm not looking at it as getting back on track, though, because that puts me in the frame of mind of, "well I've messed up once already, one more time won't hurt..." Instead, I'm looking at it as starting from the beginning.

    A new starting weight (372lbs), a new goal weight (180lbs) and a new goal date (1st January 2016). I'll be 27 in March, and I would love to hit my 30th birthday looking fabulous.

    Now, I know I should really jump straight into counting calories this second, but I'm going to wait until Monday because I've got a grocery delivery arriving then and I can start the week off as I intend it to continue.
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  3. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Good luck :) Hows your first day going?x
  4. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member


    Yesterday could have been better, but I stayed within my caloric allowance which is the main thing!

    Today has been great, though. Not so much because of what I've eaten, though it's all good in that department, but because I feel positive about losing weight again. And that, for me, is the biggest struggle.

    Breakfast today was toast with peanut butter, Nutella & sliced banana and a spiced chai latte for 630 calories. Lunch was butternut squash soup and a Nutri-Grain bar for 255 calories. Dinner is going to be a Weight Watchers chicken saag & lemon rice meal and an apple for 415 calories, and I have a packet of Belvita breakfast biscuits if I feel peckish this evening. So, a grand total of 1530 calories. And 9 cups of water. :)

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