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Fresh Start


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Hi Fellow SF's

I haven't been on here much over the past month as i fell off the wagon big time but i'm determined to jump back on. I'm feeling really crap about myself and my diet now that i have had some time off. who would have thought that one birthday meal could do this, i lost all my motivation and good feeling and now it seems like a huge task to get back into it (but i'm going to win, not the food ).

Iv just been to my first appointment with my dietician and i must say i didn't find it much help, hmmm think i thought they would wave a magic stick at me and make me thin. I need to come to terms with he fact that i do really need to do this for myself and nothing will take away the fact that i have to be strong and have bags full of will power.

I'm think that this will me my fresh start, i'm going to put the past month behind me and think that tomorrow is the start of my diet so i can put the past month behind me, i will use this as my wi thread from here on as i know that it helps me to wi and post on here and also you guys are a huge support and inspiration to me.

I also want to say Hello and welcome to everyone who has joined over the past month whilst i wasn't around.
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Girl on a mission
Hey hun...Good luck with your fresh start tomorrow, I swapped from cambridge to slimfast and started today as think slower weight loss is better and always had great results with slimfast (and it tastes soooooo much nicer):p

I'm new and thought I'd say hi. Also noticed our stats are similar in height and wanted to let you know i was once 249lbs and 5ft 2 - and also to say don't beat yourself up about it your past. its what you do now and in the future that counts. we all have regrets - i regret putting 2 stone back on after getting to 9 stone. BUT i have learned that I simply cant relax my eating habits to how it once was - and be not only the weight I would like to be but a HEALTHY weight. Im thinking I want to have children in the future and I want to be fit and healthy for that. Looking nice in clothes is great, but i think we all need more than fitting into a pair of size 10 jeans to kick us into a huge lifestyle change.

I know this sounds daunting but take a picture of yourself as you are now. put it somewhere, set it as your desktop, put it on the cupboard / fridge door. wherever. or maybe a picture of a place youre going on holiday. i like visual things to motivate me as you may have guessed by now!

im greedy. thats basically it. im not ill, i havent got some predisposition to getting fat in my genes. this is my doing. and it will be mine to undo. and when that happens i will be very happy indeed, and proud.

as long as you and those you care about are healthy and happy thats all that matters in the world. now lets work on improving it. for them, and ourselves :)

How about a challenge for april? I'm doing a mini one as I go on holiday on the 13th. Im aiming to lose 7lb by then at least - how much shall put you down for ;)
Good to see you back here Hayley! Use that month as a warning to how easy it is to slip back to our old ways... you can do this! :gen126:


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I think im up for a 7lb loss and if i manage more its a bonus. what day is the last wi date for the challenge ? Think this might bring the diet passion back :)

Also thx alot everyone for ur great words ur all so great :)


What doesn't kill me.....
Hey Sass... welcome back! :)



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Day one of my fresh start today :) and i'm feeling determined which is good. I have had my morning shake and i have a 1.5lr bottle of water sitting next to me which i will also follow with another bottle once i have got through this one. i might have to come and ramble on this thread allot over the next few days so i can keep my head out the fridge and the cupboards :) so please bear with me.

:wavey: hiya LR
I've had the month from hell too and am starting with Slim fast today....I can not put all my weight back on, I'm determined!

Good Luck Sass, I know what your going through.....


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Morning all,

so the dreaded weekend is here, i say dreaded because this is where i am at my worst :( but not this weekend, oh no, i have just had a sneeky wi ( which should be thursday ) and i have lost 3lbs so far, which is good going since i only jumped back on the wagon on thursday but........ i have done alot of walking on thursday and again on friday. i walked so far i had to get a bus home because i was freezing.

The sneeky wi has given me a boost which im sure will give me the strength and focus to have a good weekend food wise.

Hope everyone is doing well and is feeling motivated for the weekend.

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