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Friday evening

evening all you lovely cd's

Well it's friday and hubby is still working away:( also been half term so the kids are upset as normally daddy comes home on friday night! and to top it off my ds has been throwing up this evening, nice! Not looking good for taking my dd to her clubs if he is doing that!! all he said was can I go to football:rolleyes: no son, your not!

keeping gluging, hope your fridays are more exciting than mine:wave_cry:
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Aww ((hugs)) to you both.
Berry, really sorry it's been rough on your kids too ((Hugs)). Hope your lad feels better in the morning :)

I've been up to my eyes in washing (since coming home from a few days away last night). :) I swear it breeds on it's own! lol
Am looking forward to the girls being back at school I must confess! lol But it's been a nice week. :)

Friday nights don't bother me anymore than normal nights :) Have ironing to do before Karate tomorrow so am feeling guilty for not doing that tonight!
I think because hubby normally get home I have an adult to talk too!! my trip away to my friends seems so long ago, can't even talk on the phone because of the course he is on bloody RAF grrrrr

Friday nights cambridge wise much of a muchness, we never had take out night or anything, I used to do us a nice meal but doesn't bother me not, haha I make him do the kids tea whilst I put my feet up for a change -welcome home love styleyy- x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Ahh the forces wife eh! :) Just think of hte next long leave he gets ;) It'll make up for it I'm sure.

Glad you're getting on well with your restart :) You sound positive on CD again :)

I am hiding in bed with my laptop and watching tv trying to take my mind of having the munchies! Evenings and weekends def the worse time for being on ss!

Hope you all have good weekends. Kids back to school monday (whoo hoo) lol.
hiya everyone,
tonight been ok so far for me, it's sat and sun night that always get me how ever hard i try to keep my mind off things to eat, things even start knocking on the doors in the kitchen shouting i'm here!!! you no you want to eat me!!! come get me!!! oh how i wish i could get past this then it would be great.
hope you all have a nice weekend:)
good luck xx
Ha Ha Galaxy, thats funny about the food shouting at you - I thought it was just in my kitchen that happened! Saturday and Sunday is hard slog isnt it. Its all very well saying keep busy but who wants to do housework the whole time but like berry said if we dont it mutates when we stop for 5 minutes.
My OH is pretty good at helping out but as he works nights mon-thurs it seems unfair to ask him to do it too but it doesnt stop me dropping hints about it!
Have a good weekend.

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