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********FRIDAY - HOUR BY HOUR********


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Hey Paula.
Glad to here you are in ketosis...... I love ketosis its a great thing not to feel hungry..
Well what am I doing here at 2am in the morning..... I put my little boy to bed at 7am and fell asleep I remember my husband kept saying are you going to come down stairs but obviously never made it so I came down about 1ish and realised only had 2 shakes so decided to come on here and read a post about only having 2 shakes and decided to have one.. hmm Im sure a bit late but better late I guess..... Im now wide awake damn..

Hope everyone has a great friday..... yesterday was such a lovely day I was out all day the Im loving the sun lets hope its sunday today.. x
S: 18st11lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st7lb(34.6%)
Well what am I doing here at 2am in the morning.....
Quite right. It's a ridiculous time to still be awake :rolleyes:

realised only had 2 shakes so decided to come on here and read a post about only having 2 shakes and decided to have one.. hmm Im sure a bit late but better late I guess.....
It's never too late as long as you have your full quota of packs at some point in the day otherwise you won't get your full daily nutritional allowance.

Now - go to bed young lady! ;)


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Lol .. Sharon what you doing up so late too..
Im off to bed now Im now tired.. Its funny how I woke up at some ridiculous time and found myself on here.. x


wants a pony
S: 10st0lb C: 9st3lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 0st11lb(7.86%)
Im up early cos of being at work at 7am, it sucks!
Hope the sun shines on us all and its a healthy, successful day of CD whatever plan everyone is on :) x


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
Morning ladies! (and any lurking gents)

Off to placement now, so won't be in for hours, but have a good 100% day, whatever your plan.


Laugh, love, live!
S: 20st8lb C: 20st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 42.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi beautiful CD friends, It's Friday, the sun is shining and it's all looking good for another 100% day. Have a good one, see you all later xxx


Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Hi Abfab, Curly, Summer, Sleepy, Lexie & Wabbit... happy Friday!!! Just had a nose and didn't think anyone would have started a thread yet but here you all are...100% and raring to go!

Ketosis rules, Abfab... says she who is about to drop out of it, on the 1000 carb-&-fruit-fest. Grrr. Curly, same... are you guys nocturnal? If only I'd thought of that... thik of how much extra work I could get done if I used the hours of darkness too! (Or posted less on minis, a tiny voice inside my head is saying...)

Sleepy, is the 7 oc clock start the reason you are 'sleepybird'? Aha!!! Lexie, have good day on placement, and Wabbit, have a great day... love your avatar! We have a mini-lop and an 'ordinary' rabbit, both 'rescue' bunnies... aw. Better go feed them, and the mewling cats, and the dogs, oh and possibly the kids...

Have a fab day everyone... clouds are looming but sun is trying to shine through!

S: 15st4lb C: 15st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Heres to a good 100% friday. I love reading how ready to go you guys are its really lifted my spirits this morning !!! xxx


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Hello all....
Well its a normal time now for me!!! well went back to bed at 2ish and was awake from 5am .. and no its not normal I hate it when that happens when I fall asleep with my little boy at 7pm.. URGHH

Hope everyone has a great 100% friday........ and will be back tonight to catch up .
S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morinign everyone and hope you all have good days at your respective works. Im at work too ina bit adn the clouds are looming here too and tis lot colder than yesterday!

Well week 11 weigh in is a 2lb loss which is ok considering its TOTM so lets hope its better next week!

Will be back later and keep it up everyone


Gold Member
good morning everyone. wasn't expecting it to have been that busy on here yet, ha.

i was roasting through the night. a really strange experience for someone on cd. felt like i was burning up. had the duvet off and the lot... talk about a hot flush!! ruddy heck!!

still. today is friday. i have a friend coming to stay tonight so am looking forward to that. am trying to drink a cup of tea but it's been so long since i had one (with skimmed milk of course) that it tastes really odd. not sure whether i'm going to drink it or not yet...

have been watching the trailers for the twilight film having just read all the books and it looks totally naff. so i think i'm going to give that a miss. at least until the amazingness of the books has worn off a bit. i loved them...

abz xx


Loving losing
S: 18st4lb C: 18st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 0st2lb(0.78%)
Morning everyone!
Well done Jess on the weight loss!
Should be my weigh day today but have changed to next Wednesday as that is my day off so i can do weds every week. However, on my scales I have lost 5lbs this week...soooooooooooo happy. 16lbs in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love this diet! It goes on the school newsletter today as well and I really DON'T mind!!!!!
Feeling so much better already and trying to take it day by day though must say that my little meal in the evening is helping me without a doubt.
Today I can even get into a pair of shoes - sounds crazy, but my right foot suffers from horrendous swelling following an illness a couple of years ago but today i have my proper shoes on rather than my Vans!!!A major breakthrough!
Hope you all have a lovely day in the sunshine. My day is work but I do enjoy my job so it's OK!
Laterz my not so chubby friends....



Full Member
S: 16st7lb C: 16st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 0st6lb(2.6%)
Blimey, was only expecting one or two posts lol!

Well done on your loss Jess.

Well I'm off for my medical today. Not been referred or anything, just wanted to have one for peace of mind. Going to be a waste of a nice day though, it's already sunny. It's about half hr away (if I can find it with my not so trusty sat nav) and then the medical lasts 2.5hrs!!!! Does mean I miss my usual Friday lunch in the pub with the girls which is not a bad thing as I was really hungry yesterday....too early to tell if I am today.

Hope you all have good days....good luck to any weighers x


Silver Member
S: 21st11lb G: 11st0lb
:wow: what a great thread :)

Morning losers :)

Here's to a great Friday, the sun is shining and I have all the doors and windows open.

One choc mint shake and a litre of water down so far ...

Have a great day :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
Good morning everyone, I feel sorry for those who can't sleep - NOTHING stops my sleep :). I have been 100% since my slip up on Tuesday but my stupid scales at home say I have put a stone on - I'm going to throw them out coz they put me off. Tried a keto stix this morning but it just come up dark purple meaning I am dehydrated which I would be becasue I had been asleep all night, but don't know if I am in ketosis or not. I hope I am becasue I have GOT to lose this week, time is running out for me. The weekend is looming and I am dreading it. I am ok through the week (mainly) but its the weekends that I want to eat. At work I am in a routine so its easier, weekends are a killer. Good luck today everyone.


Gold Member
honey, if they went deep purple then you are definately in ketosis. it shows you are dehydrated because the concentration of ketones in your wee is high. if we are hydrated there shouldn't be that many. but the existence of any is a sign of being in ketosis. so well done :)

abz xx

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