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Friday "Let's do it hour by hour"

Hello everyone, at least it's friday and hopefully we have a weekend of sunshine before us!!

Had my 2nd weigh in last night and lost 6Llbs!!! I am so pleased with myself!!

Anyway at work so i should really get back to my patients xxx :scale::talk017:
Morning everyone- Had my monthly check up yesterday and apparently my blood pressure is too low since being on this diet- anyone else had this?
Have my weigh in tomorrow. I cant wait!
Am still 100% and will be starting week 5 tomorrow. Have managed the gym 3 times this week so I wonder if that will affect the scales?
Havnt started the water yet- but i will soon =]
Have a lovely day =]
Hi guys

Yep, its Friday and Day 2 of my LighterLife experience. Day 1 was crummy to be honest, i threw up and felt awful. Feeling more positive today.

I tried to start a "Friday - hour by hour" thread but cos I'm new its gone to a Mod to check all is ok so we could end up with 2 of these threads. I hope the mod will delete mine (did it about 1 hour ago) rather than doubling up.

My children are spending the day at grandma's - and she has invited my hubby and i for dinner tonight. I am not going. I am poorly with Sinusitis so my hubby is going to say he can come with the girls and i will stay at home. its true but a useful excuse as well. I do not wantto be sabotaged so early - cos there will be some sort of comment if they know I am on yet another diet.

good luck everyone for the day!!:D
Well done Tiffanydiamond, that is amazing, keep at it and soon you won't recognise yourself.

Kellie well done in staying completely focused. I had my BP checked this week and my was quiet low (first time in a long time) 110/70. I suggest to discuss this with your LLC tomorrow and perhaps think about not overdoing it too much at the gym, perhaps do lighter exercises in the gym and don't go over your heart rate on the equipment.
god how stupid am I-i didnt even think it could be the gym doing it. I will take it easy next time I go- maybe do my weights and crunches rather than all the cardio? Im a bit of a novice to be honest :)
I will talk to my LLC tomorrow and see what she thinks
Thanks slimseaa =]
Morning all, bit bleak and dreary here but a positive mind so thats good. I am actually hungry this morning so have had a hot chocolate. Dont usually start my drinks till lunch time. Oh well.

Just come in from mucking out horses with rosey cheeks and cold feet and hands. Going to a show tomorrow so will be out shampooing and yes we are mad.

Well done Lemma for getting over day one even though it was difficult. When you get weighed at the end of the week you will realise is is soooo worth it.

I am lucky in that I dont work Fridays so hope you day is too long.

Better go and start glugging to stave off the hunger. See you later.
Hi everyone!

Well done Tiffany Diamond!!! FANTASTIC result!

Glad everyone is doign well today! And glad your day is beeter Lemma!! Good luck - its does get easier after the first 4 or 5 days!!!

Work is busy....can;t wait to leave! Sun is trying to make an appearance. If it does I am off for a little ride after work!

See you later!

I have added some pics to my gallery - one of before LL and a couple with my 2 stone loss. :D

Slimssea, yournew photo is gorgeous! You are a very pretty ladey. :)
Just had the mushroom soup for lunch. It was warm and.....well, still no taste or smell so it was just warm. i think i may like the savoury more than the sweet but its hard to tell.

Moan time - a couple of weeks ago we reserved to collect a new TV from a well known store that has a click and collect service. went to collect and they did not actually have the `tv in stock so we got a refund, and went elsewhere the following day.

Just checked our bank statement and the blasted refund is nowhere to be seen!!!!!:mad:

So we now have to go and sort that out at the store concerned. Its a shame cos my hubby and i were going to spend the afternoon in Harrogate as the kids were with the grandparents. GGGGRrrrrrrrr!!!

Moan over!:)
Sorry to hear about the TV Lemmie, its so annoying when you sometimes have to waste your days sorting out the shops mishaps.

Well now eaten a Cranberry bar so only two left. Trying to get some sparkling water down to stop the hunger today. Gotta go outside and shampoo a horses tail and socks in a mo. That should be fun. At least the is a glimmer of sun now.
Hi all on my luch at the moment and the day is really dragging!!

Good luck tomorrow Lady with the horse show, rather you then me with the shampoo duties this afternoon!!

Keep at the water everyone, 2 litres down for me! I find now i am usually doing about 5 litres as i feel quite thirsty through the day when it used to be such a struggle. Weird! :party0016:
No probs Kellie, yes do give that a go and don't over do it!

Thank you BL on the comment on my photo, I will upload a full view one soon, but have another 4-4.5 stones to still lose yet, so have a long way to go.

Lemmie sorry to hear about ur TV, i am going this weekend to order mine and I can tell u if I went through the same, yes i too indeed would be frustrated! Good luck with that!

LadyLite, u are soooo lucky u have Friday's off, want to swap, I will clean the horses if u like, heheh!
Yes take care on the hunger side, I too feel hungry, now and then and I have been on LL for 21 or 22 weeks now! I did eat last night on Valentines Day, only had a few little boneless Chicken cubes chargrilled, with a a tiny bit of salad, it was literally less then the size of a quarter plate what I ate. I tehn came back home and had my 2 Thai Chilli soups together and my Cranberry bar. So didn't go overboard, and went straight back on LL. Been fine, won't be doing it again now throughout the rest of LL. Did the same on Xmas day and now Valentines day, so no more.

Have had 3 litres of water so far! :)
Well done Slimsea for keeping in control last night and I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I must say your photo doesnt make you look like you need to lose 4.5 stone.

Am I sounding like some of your friends Oh dear. The photo does you real credit, you are most photogenic.

Just syked myself up to go out now, I dont know why but I am very cold so am going to double up on all my clothing.
Ahhh BL, i am sorry, as I haven't really explored this site well, just clicked in to ur name and saw ur pics (wasn't sure how to do that at first). Ur lovely, Ur a lovely Blonde Bombshell! Woooohoooooo.
Thank you LadyLite for the lovely photo comment too! Believe me, I do have 4-4.5 stones to lose. I will show u pics soon of myself before. I still have enough meat on my body to last for the next 10 Xmas's! I still have such a huge belly, arms and thigs, basically the whole lot! It's just that I haev lost a lot of weight around my face and neck, want to now start losing it from the most important places. It is hard work though I tell you!

Yes thank you, had a gr8 time last night with my Hubby and am still fully focused and in control! Nothing has given me greater satisfaction than LighterLife and all of you, I love it and feel sooo much better than before! Is still a long journey but will get there, it's damn hard to tone up and change the body shape.
Well I am back in wet feet, wet hands freezing cold so how the horse feels i dont know.

Slimsea I know what you mean about where you are losing it. I am losing from my face and neck too. Everyone I see says "cor you can see it in your face". I wanna see it off my belly, bum and thighs too. OH well.

I have a bit of a come down this morning as so far I have had missed saggy skin, which I am pleased considering my age. But when I looked in the mirror I am getting saggy skin on insides of my thighs. I have never had good legs they have always be short and loaded and this is something that I am gonna learn to live with, but I dont fancy saggy skin:cry:. Oh well I suppose the will match my varicous veins.

I might have to invest in one of them there machines if they are gonna tone them. I do quite a bit of physical exercise with the horses, and walk for 20min 3 days a week so might need to up the leg exercises. Although I intend to start riding again when is get to 11.7. so that may help:)

Any suggestions
Thank you Mandee, but honestly, I have sooooo much more to lose! I will show you a picture of the full body soon, then you will all know what I mean! In total, when this is all over, it will be a 10 stones weightloss, and will make sure I never ever go back to being the 19.12 stones when i started LL (on Sept 10th 2007). The biggest I haev been was under 22 stones about 2-3 years ago.

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