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Fridays what's for lunch?


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I had omlette and beans for breakie and now wondering what to have for lunch.

I'm thinking maybe some chicken and a jacket spud. Would this - with the breakfast I had earlier - work as an EE day? If not I'll make my chicken HEXb.

Anyway, what are you having?
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It would work as EE, as long as you havnt had 2 of HE AorB.


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I had some thick sliced gammon ham, carrot sticks and salad. Not sure about tonight but will probably go for egg and bacon. I have a feeling I'm better on a red day than an EE as I may want another HeB later.


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I only ever used HEXbs for a portion of meat on a green day or a jacket spud/beans on a red day. Occasionally I would have a cereal bar of some kind - Hifi bar for example - but not often.

So on an EE day I could really eat as normal but without the weighing and still have a hifi bar as a HEXb? Yes? Oh I confuse myself :8855:
I've got pasta, with celery and spring onions and prawns (marinated in garlice chilli and ginger). Having an EE day - hope this fits!
Had yogurt and fruit for brekkie!
Still getting used to it! :)
FAO slim4wedding.

Yes this is all free on the ee plan. I lost 1.5lb on it this week. I think i have the hang of it. Its v similar to another plan i used to do. I am loving SWorld though and think i will be sticking to it for the foreseeable future.

I'm loving it too! And my fiance doens't mind it either cos it means he can have rice with his curry! :)
Wasn't sure how I could eat so much and lose weight! But it seems to be working! 2lbs down in first week!


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I had chicken on a bed of lettuce and onion with a jacket spud, with a drizzle of nando's peri peri sauce (I'm obsessed) 2 syns. Yum!
Yes as has been said it will work on EE

For lunch i has pasta quiche made with pasta, mushrooms, spring onion, peppers covered with egg & cottage cheese (but i used flavoured so i add 0.5syns). Had some veg baby carrots, broc & Cali. Washed down with some sugar free drink. All apart from the cottage cheese is free, if i had used natural would have been all free. And believe me i'm stuffed

I'm a lil doubtful of EE but i will see this week if it works for me
Good luck everyone


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Good luck to you too Khandi. And thanks for the reassurance re: EE. I suppose I'm so aprehensive about getting it absolutley correct, and keep asking questions because I don't go to class, and I'm so motivated/obsessed I don't want to make any mistakes.
I'm having leftover moroccan lamb that I had done in the slow cooker, then froze, with some asparagus on the side. It's the recipe on p42 of the little red booklet with the recent magazine. Yum!


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I've only done one EE day, as I'm doubtful that it will work as well as red and green days, but it's nice to have another choice, as I hate chicken curry without rice. I had savoury rice with 2 pork and leek flavour quorn sausages as a cold packed lunch today.


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I had a massive salad of pea shoots and wild rocket with sliced ham, peppers, cucumber, celery, beetroot and red cabbage.
This evening I have had an Aldi Optifit yogurt whilst feeding the kids, and then later I will have Thai mince with hubby....
that pasta quiche thing sounds really nice is it a recipe or did you make it up...do you bake it after you have mixed it all up?
I got the recipe for the quiche from the SW website. They mention using a pasta sauce packet but i used normal pasta. I cooked the pasta as normal. Then i mixed in some chopped mushrooms, peppers & spring onion. I didn't cook them first but you can do. Threw in some seasoning, whatever you fancy. Place in an oven-proof dish. The quiche topping from SW involves mixing 150g of natural very low fat cottage cheese with 3 eggs, which i poured over the pasta. Bake in the oven 190C/375F/Gas mark 5 for approx 30 mins until it's set and golden brown.

There are many different ways you can vary the recipe. I've made it with pure veg. SW suggests Tuna and sweetcorn, Ham & Broc, Salmon & Dill, cheese & onion. Use different ingredients & pour over the egg & cottage cheese topping, and you have a tasty and satisfying meal. I guess you could even add cheese from HEXA on top if you wanted

Hope that helps

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