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Friends round for Dinner tomorrow!!!! How do I avoid alcohol.

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Hi all,
hope you've all had a good week despite the horrible news playing 24/7?
I've got 2 friends round tomorrow for a catch up and (as they put it) a few beers!:eek: TBH I am beside myself with how to get through it without seeming to be either unsociable or boring.

Food wise I would normally leave a plate of totillas and houmus as a nibble type thing for everyone as I cook so I can still do that and i'm going to do steak as I know it will go down well and its easy to fill my plate up with salad. Its desert and alcohol which will be the hardest to get round, I'm stumped!!!

I'm going n holiday next saturday and was really looking forward to being a good few pounds lighter for the first time in years, I CAN'T BLOW IT NOW!!! (Shouting to convince myself !)
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Tell them you are on antibiotics and can't drink. White lie but they will hopefully not pressure you. Tell then you really want to be all better for your hols.


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Put a big jug of sparking water and ice, lemon slices on the table, so you can top up your glass from something everyone is sharing.

Instead of tortilla chips, put out chopped raw veggies and dips, like a salsa of chopped onion, tomatoes, peppers with balsamic vinegar or lime juice.

Another good nibble would be quails eqqs, or just quartered hard boiled eggs sprinkled with pepper and herbs.

Or smoked salmon wrapped around quark and chopped chives?

For pud - you could offer Sugar free jelly, made in wine glasses and topped with zero fat greek yogurt and berries (I won't tell anyone if you eat the strawberries.)
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You could make a cucmber and yogurt dip or quark makes a lovely dip mixed with chilli and lime.


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Because you are planning for this now there's a very good chance you won't blow it because you will be prepared.

Do you like sparkling water? I would have that and serve it in a wine glass so I felt like I wasn't the odd one out.

Or diet lemonade served in a tall glass with lots of ice and a slice of lemon?
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Tell them you're doing a pre-holiday detox, no booze or sweets... and have sparkling water or diet softdrink. And don't worry too much about what they think - remember that after they go home, if you do drink alcohol/eat dessert, you'll be the only one at the end of the evening feeling bad about it.
S: 12st3.5lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st11.5lb(14.87%)
thanks guys !

Thanks everyone, you are all very devious;) and Ive been inspired by all your ideas. Ive decided to do this...

Drink sparkling water in a wine glass as it looks the same as my usual wine and soda then tell them I'm cutting down on booze for my healths sake before my holiday so dont top me up, I have got high blood pressure so not fibbing!

I'm going to take Atropos advice re starters, sounds yum!

And pudding will be Trifle, served in wine glasses they can have the full fat version and I'll have a sneeky dukan version.

Excited now!

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