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Hi all
I'm sure this has been said before, and no doubt it will crop up again, but honestly if our 'friends' don't agree with the diet then why can't they keep there opinions to themselves and just give us their support. This is the first time this as happened to me and it has left me feeling really quite angry and a tad disappointed :mad: She was very complimentary to start with and said how well I looked and then as soon as I told her what I was doing I could see by her face she didn't approve at all. She started quizzing me on what was in them calories/nutrients/fat content etc.. I felt that I had to defend myself. It really doesn't help that she is one of those annoying people that doesn't have an ounce of fat on her - skeletal!! I then got pressured into going swimming with her one evening and she will 'coach' me. WHAT!! Just because I am well padded does not mean I can not swim - I had swimming lessons, joined a swimming club and took part in many gala's in my younger years!! I can probably swim better than she can.
Big deep breath - count to 10 - pick myself up - put it behind me and carry on. Nothing is going to stop me doing this. Just needed to get it off my chest otherwise I will be thinking about it for the rest of the day!
Thanks for listening
Doris xxx
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This is the last time!!
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Hey Doris, tell her firmly but politely that you don't want or need her approval, and that you are doing this for you and nobody else!

On my first CD journey, I had so many negative comments that it got me down, hence this time round very few people know. It's not that I am ashamed of it or anything like that, I simply cannot be bothered wasting precious minutes of my life explaining it to people who have already pre-judged both the diet and me for doing it.

Chin up, and be strong!


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Aw Doris, 'friends' eh? To be honest, she's probably scared of you becoming thin. All this time she has been the thin 'healthy' one, but now you stand a chance of matching her and she's scared that you will end up more attractive, popular, interesting than she is. Just you carry on doing what you're doing, and knickers to her!!

To be fair, I'm telling you all this and I must admit that I lie to everyone I know and just say I'm on a low calorie diet - it stops all the stupid questions and comments.
Hey hun,

Ignore her!!
She is jealous! Stick to the diet and show her how healthy it is!

Whenever anyone asks i just say that the three sachets i have every day add up to 99.99999% of my daily reccommended allowance. That usually shuts them up....probably more goodness than they have in their junk food loving diet!

chin up xxx


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i've got the same thing with a mate, i just said to her firm but fair, you might not approve thats your choice but im doing this for myself not for you and if you cant say anything constructive then dont say anything at all, job done,shes says nothing to me now.


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Hello Doris.

I've had it from lots of ppl, family and friends as well as work colleagues. But you know what.. you're doing this for you, not them! Yes.. its nice to get compliments, but re the opinions, they aren't welcome. Tell them that you are doing this for you and are happy with loosing weight and how that makes you feel. The jealousy will start to slip away from them, as that is what it all is anyway. Show your determination and be that strong person you have started to be on CD.. Go for it Doris and don't let the "shallow ppl" get you down again. xx


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aww doris! ignore her! really! she is jealous! my friend (and maid of honor) has done almost to the t the exact same thing. it is just jealousy as you are taking a stand and doing something for yourself, something that works and maybe she feels this will change your friend dynamics. you should say (just as the others have said) you dont need her approval, and if she doesnt want to be supportive then she shouldnt comment. her attitude should spur you on use it as motivation and show her just how well you can do!

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