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Original Frogs Legs & Snails

Morning everyone!

Im going on a Euro Road Trip for a week on Sunday and our first stop is France. Im going to try so hard to stay on plan but really want to try Frogs Legs and Snails whilst i'm there.

Does anyone know if I would have to count these as syns, if so, how many? Also, has anyone actually tried these?! Im curious to see what they taste like!

Ta! xXx
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I've heard frogs legs taste like chicken, but personally have no idea! If they're lean frog legs then should be free on Red!! :p I haven't a clue to be honest, but I hope you have a lovely trip.

Natt xxx


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I've had both. Not keen on frogs legs it has to be said, but snails are ok. The snails are generally swimming in garlic butter so they'll need to be sinned, but i would say the frogs legs and the snail meat is most likely free (without sauce etc):)


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I love snails but agree, they are normally served in a bowl of garlic butter! I haven't had frogs legs though.
Just get someone else to try them and pinch one off their plate!
Thanks all, TBH I had no idea they came in garlic butter! Thats not too drastic though! It's the wine and cheese tour that i'm going to fall down on!
Have a fab time, be as good as u can but dnt stop trying things after all you know slimming world works and you can rectify any damage when u get home
Exactly!!! :D

We are off to Paris, Germany, Luxemburg and Burges - should be a good road trip!

Im going to tesco during the week to stock up on Alpen Light Bars, Mug Shots, Oat so Simple's and...er...what else can I take?!


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Have a great time, enjoy yourself and if things don't go to plan just get straight back on plan as soon as you can! BTW Let us know how if you liked the frogs and snails and any other culinary delights you try!!


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Couscous, Batchlors rice or pasta (if you have access to a microwave).
Should have access to a microwave for three days (as we have hired a chalet in Germany) but the rest of the time we are camping!

Oh must take apples and banana's too! They should keep ok providing they dont get smashed about too much.


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Ditto above... the only time I've had snails they were in garlic butter. And I've had frogs legs before too but they were fried. That was in America though... maybe they do frogs legs differently on the continent? Have a great time!


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Oooh, the wine and cheese tour I would love Sarah-Jayne - but the snails and frog legs I would miss, but I certainly hope that you enjoy them.

Have a lovely holiday and a safe journey. X


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every thing eaten out of the country classes as free in my book so i wouldn worry too much have fun XXX
Kristin, we are going to be staying in a chalet in Gästehaus Dederichs, Buschtal (ehemals Bergstr) apparently! We are going to the Nurburgring you see :D
Ohh your a handy person to know! Going for the driving around the ring :D Hopefully our car will make it! Lucky I can stick to my red days and have loads of meat then!
Bet that was awesome! Did you live far away from the ring then? We have just managed to gert our ADAC cover sorted. Thanks for the advice! Oh one question, what is Bratwurst (sp) sausage like? I have to try it since we are there!

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