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From a bad week to a good week...

so as the title says ive had a pretty rubbish week... both diet and otherwise. my revision is taking up my entire time with the result that all i want to do when i finish is relax with a glass of wine or junk food. this week i have been awful - fast food, chocolate, cream exlcairs, milkshake and more chocolate... not good. just literally everything i know is bad for me. :copon:

ive weighed in and ive put on a pound - i suppose it could have been worse but im really angry with myself. i can see my cheeks are chubby and my thighs and my tummy feel huge. i need to change this!!!

so im going to get a grip on myself. starting tomorrow i am not going to eat anything that i know is bad. im getting my shopping delivered on saturday so im going to be having slimfast for breakfast and lunch, fruit as snacks and healthy dinner. i may substitute the slimfast for something of the same cals if i feel like it, as we have ordered alot of fresh veg so will need to use it up while its in date.

im just so annoyed with myself. im really unhappy with the way i look... and its no one else fault but my own. its not nice being hungry whilst revising, but that doesnt mean i have an excuse to pig out on anything i fancy, as that will only make me lethargic and make it hard to concentrate. i will do much better if i just drink plently of water and eat healthy things like fruit which wont give me so much of a sugar rush.

sorry about the rant i just needed to get it off my chest. im so stressed at the mo. i know its not a great time to be on a diet, but neither its it a great time to make myself feel worse by puttin on weight. i really hope i can do this. i dont want to come out of my last exam weighing a stone more than what i do now... and that is very likely to happen if i carry on the way im going.

i havnt really had the chance to come on here much this week either but i hope that if i come on here more often it will give me more motivation to succeed, as u guys are all doing so well.

im not going to have an official weigh in this week, im just going to weight myself again next friday. i hope i can do this...
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in my dreams!!!!!!
hi darling, as you've said, you had a bad week, realise it and are now motivated to put it right next week. i think that this does help every now and again to put us back in perspective and realise when we eat the wrong things its only ourselves we are doing down. good luck for next week x
thanks sparkelwings :)

im so ready for it now. my OH took photos of me last night (they werent very nice) and so now when im tempted i can just look at them and have the motivation to say no!

i weighed in this morning, officially have put on 1lb since last week, not too bad, but if you take into account all the weight ive put on whilst not dieting ive put on almost half a stone, and am now heavier than i was in january!!!

will weigh in next friday and see if ive managed to shift some of this extra weight!


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Hi darling, sounds like your eligable to join the plus 1lb club which so far includes sparkel and myself :D but you know what we are going to shift that pound this week and maybe 1 or 2 more because we can do it !!! your welcome to join myself and sparkel on our 100% days between now and our next wi, mine is next thursday.
thanks sass, i would love to join :)

so far today ive had

breakfast: SF
snack: small handful of flaked almonds, prob less than 100 cals (because i decided part way through i wasnt much of a fan of them!)

and ive nearly had 1 litre of water.

going to have SF shake for lunch, but... OH wants curry for dinner!!! ive worked out the cals (for the sauce, chicken, rice and even the olive oil to fry the chicken in) and it comes to 703.5 cals (the sauce is thai red curry and suprisingly low in cals, but its still over so i cant have it!) so i think im going to have to put my foot down and have a chicken breast done in the oven just with some frozen veg (we're running low - getting shopping delivered tomoz). hope he doesnt mind hehe. and ive got a SF chocolate caramel snack bar for evening snack.. yum!

ooohhh... could i? would it still be classed as a 100% day though?

i suppose i could miss my afternoon snack because OH home early today... and maybe i could just have a littler portion because ive judged it on half the bottle of sauce (its meant to serve 3, but as there is only 2 of us...) and once chicken breast and a normal serving of rice (75 grams i think) but if i was to cut the portion size down abit and forego my afternoon snack i would be within cals and not feel so guilty either... hmmm... thanks for that sass!!! looks like i'll be having curry tonight!!

on a related note - looked at the cals for the korma sauce we have - 408 cals for half the jar, and a total of 917 cals for the whole meal!!! im never eating a korma again!!!


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:8855: yea Korma is bad !!! i dont know if your into cooking your own currys but making a home made curry sauce is much better than those jars, i used to make alot of homemade currys but im in lazy mode at mo so kidz and OH have jar currys like korma etc.

Having the curry and going without a snack will still mean you have had a 100% day imo.

Enjoy your dinner darling, congratz on being good so far today :D
im not sure if my culinary skills are up to making homemade currys yet... im only a student!! lol!! :8855:

i missed my afternoon snack and had the curry - didnt finish it tho... i could have if i wanted to but i felt full so i didnt need to - very happy with that!

gonna have an SF chocoalte and caramel snack bar in abit, ive put it in the freezer to make it nice and chewy... yum :)

aw thanks for that sass, i feel so good ive got through my first day of being 100%, and it wasnt that hard either. soo cant wait for weigh in day :)
im actually having a really good week (diet wise anyway!).

seeing those photos of me has really given me some motivation, if any of u are finding things hard then do try it!!

ok so this is what my diet has been like this week:


breakfast: SF shake
snack: small handful of flaked almonds
lunch: SF shake
snack: didnt have, used extra 100 cals for dinner
dinner: thai red curry with basmati rice (low GI apparently)
snack: SF caramel snack bar
water: 1.5 litres


breakfast: SF shake
snack: SF caramel snack bar
lunch: SF shake
snack: banana
dinner: oily fish with asparagus and small portion of mash
snack: small apple and kiwi with natural fromage frais and teaspoon of honey... yummmm
water: only 500ml (but had some chai - spiced tea)


breakfast: SF shake
snack: banana
lunch: SF shake
snack: smoothie (one of those innocent superfood ones, its got acai in LR!)
dinner: really nice salad - ham, egg, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, mixed seeds (sesame, linseed, pumpkin, sunflower), flaked almonds, and tiny bit of walnut oil drizzeld over, with some chilli sauce to dip in (sounds weird, actually very nice)
snack: small apple and kiwi with natural fromage frais and teaspoon of honey.
water: 500ml (had some chai)


breakfast: SF shake
snack: banana
lunch: SF shake

and for dinner i will be having medallion steak with corn on the cob and home made chips (cut up a baking potato into chips, place on a baking tray, lightly drizzle with olive oil, and cook until nicely brown)

im so shocked at how my eating habbits have turned right around. ive been researching nutrition for a while now but have never been bothered to actually follow what ive read. so ive gone from eating chocolate and pastries one week to eating a very healthy diet full of lean protein, oily fish, healthy fats and lots of fresh fruit and veg. i feel so much better! just need to concentrate on having enough water as i do find that quite hard. i guess we will see on friday if my efforts have paid off!
so end of my first week and i have lost...... 3.75 lbs! :D

im really happy!!! i have been really good all week, even walked round tesco without buying anything apart from skimmed milk :eek:

so glad to see my hard work has payed off, and that ive had a big loss considering i dont really have that much to lose.

appetite still not really there, missed 2 snacks yesterday and didnt eat dinner until after 10pm!!! but it seems that the way ive adapted the diet to suit my needs is working :)

also, i got my haircut yesterday - its very fashionable compared to what i usually have! ive had a fringe put in with lots of layers and it looks very modern (kinda like lady gaga but not such a heavy blunt fringe and more layers) now im hoping il feel just like all the other girls at uni!

well... on to week 2 then i guess :)


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so end of my first week and i have lost...... 3.75 lbs! :D
Congratulations Darling on your fab loss, i'm so pleased that your change of life style has paid off, well done, keep it up.

also, i got my haircut yesterday - its very fashionable compared to what i usually have! ive had a fringe put in with lots of layers and it looks very modern (kinda like lady gaga but not such a heavy blunt fringe and more layers) now im hoping il feel just like all the other girls at uni!
Your hair cut sounds cool and is a really nice reward for such a good week bet its made you feel a million dollars.
thanks sass :D

i do feel really happy and had a really good response off Mr Darling as well when i told him how much id lost - that always makes me feel good :)

he also really likes my new haircut so am feeling alot better about how i look at the moment.

feeling very very stressed today though, i have my first exam a week on tuesday and i know ive not worked hard enough for it (because i am generally very lazy) and feeling the pressure!

i wish humans didnt need sleep - i could get so much more work done!! plus im going to the theatre tonight (cant back out of it, the tickets are already bought) and its with my mum and sister as they are sightseeing for afew days with my sister's college (shes disabled so my mum goes to college with her to help out) so i really cant say no; then ive got to go to work tomorrow 9-2 and so i dont feel like ive got time for anything!

was actually very tempted after an exam preparation lecture today to go and buy a massive bar of cadbury's caramel chocolate (my favourite) but i resisted it and have just sat down with my SF chocoate shake instead - very proud of myself! i also think im getting a headache which isnt fun! so all in all im feeling alittle rubbish today, although my good loss is taking the edge off it!


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Hiya Darling - Go and enjoy yourself tonight and then once you finish work tomorrow gear yourself up for some really productive studying sessions, i will have my fingers crossed for you next week, i hope you do well in ur exam.

Well done for not having that chocolate bar. Snap on the headache front, i had one too this morning so i have spent the day feeling sorry for myself but i'm better now thanks to the tablets.
well hopefully i should be home tonight by about 8/8.30 so might be able to do an hour or two revision before bed (im foregoing the drinks afterwards).

im always really tired after work on a saturday and normally go for an afternoon nap and then i dont bother doing any work! but i know i definately need to do some work tomorrow - am revising for my evidence exam which i know is going to be the worst out of all (luckily its the first so i can get it out of the way). dont know if il be able to miss my nap tho lol!! cant revise when ur too tired!!

aw glad ur headache is clearing up now sass, think im just gonna drink lots of water and see how it is before i take anything for it.

on a good note ive just realised that my exams finish a month today - im afraid to say ladies that i will be having a few days off for abit of a drinkathon with my friends (havnt seen them for aaagggeeesss) but i think i will have earnt it after 5 exams!!
oh my god im so hungry!! havnt eaten since 7.30 this morning!! i know i should have but i was at work till 2, then got home, had a cuppa, went to sleep for a couple of hours (i was knackered) and am now waiting for my dinner to cook... im pretty hungry!!

was thinking about treating myself tonight seeing as ive saved on afew cals but i actually have nothing in thats particularly bad! i thought about having an amaretto and coke later but ive only got full fat coke and i think il feel too guilty if i have that!! oh well, at least i should have a good loss this week!

all the girls at work said my hair was nice today :) not expecting them to comment on my weight loss yet lol!! and ive also managed to get all of my thursday shifts covered until after my exams so i only have to work saturdays which will really help with my revision.

having haddock with mangetouts and babycorns tonight... yum yum yum! even refused having potatoes with it :)

hope everyone is having a good weekend! xxx
had abit of a bad day yesterday, was feeling stressed so ontop of what i am allowed i ended up having about 5 rich tea biscuits with a cup of tea and some chocolate milk later on. not too bad but im back on the straight and narrow now and still hoping for a reasonable loss this friday.

got lots of revision to do today so im hoping that will keep my mind off food!!

also, i have a whole new exercise plan set up for when i finish my exams. its gonna be very hard, but would like to look good for my holiday as Mr Darling is trying to get a six pack and i want to make sure we look like we 'match' if u get what i mean. so it will be cardio and weights everyday, plus pilates if i have time. im actually really looking forward to it. no doubt i will be bored over the summer when all my friends have gone home so at least it will give me something to do!
right, well after getting 12 (yes 12) milky ways out of my system :eek: , copious amounts of rich tea biscuits and a couple of glasses of wine im now feeling rather guilty.

i put it down to stress but i know i could have said no if i had really wanted to :copon: (oh it was over 3 days by the way - not in one!)

so i have 2 days before weigh in. i had a quick jump on the scales this morning (i know i shouldnt) and have put on 0.25 of a lb. actually very happy!! so i have today and tomorrow to be extra good and hopefully i might have a teeny loss.

im wondering if anyone knows of a very healthy meal to make with prawns? ive got some out and have no idea what to do with them!! ive got a jar of sweet and sour sauce, but im thinking that will be too many cals when i need to have as little as possible. ive got some soy sauce but dont really know what i can do with it. i have noodles and rice and lots of frozen veg too but im thinking i may try and cut out carbs. i really dont know!! do you think there is a lot of cals in paella?? i make a mean paella!!!
im starting to wonder whether i have made the right choice, i just cant seem to follow the diet this week!

im annoyed with myself because of my good loss last week but im pretty sure ive put on at least a pound this week. i just dont know if this is the right time for me? maybe i should wait until after my exams? although il prob end up eating everything in site until then and put on loads if i dont at least try to lose weight. and also, i guess i did say at the beginning that i would be happy to stay the same weight, as long as i didnt put any on, so with a 1lb gain this week i would still be 2.75 lbs lighter.

i dont know... once i had a good loss i wanted more and then this week i just flipped and havnt be following it at all!!

maybe i shouldnt weigh in this week, maybe i should just carry on till next week and hope that i will have lost something by then?, and be extra good?

im not sure, i just cant wait till exams are over so i can have my life back!!!


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