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  1. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Hi guys!

    I've been mooching round this site for a good while now and decided enough is enough - I need to join all you lovely people in my journey to becoming slim, healthy and happy! So I thought I would start with a little bit about me.. we're all friends, right :)
    I'm female, 21 years old and at University, but on my year in industry this year as I'm part of a 4 year course. I have had problems with my weight ever since I can remember, always been the bigger one of my group of friends. It has always bothered me, but I just haven't ever had the motivation to get it gone.. I have always thought (and been told) I'm not that fat. My BMI is around 26 so not too bad, but I am finally at my whits end - I want to be a nice slim size 10 while I'm still young!!
    So today I am starting fresh and using My Fitness Pal to calorie count. I am aiming for around 1200 calories per day, plus running 3 times per week. Excited to start! My first goal is to be in the '10 stone zone' again which will be very exciting.
    Any tips or advice is welcome here, I am all ears for everyone :)
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  3. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Had a good day in total :) and like feeling in control again! Going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and then hopefully every day ish. Today I ate:
    Breakfast: Branflakes, frozen berries and skimmed milk
    Lunch: Homemade galette wrap with ham + an alpen light bar
    Snack: 2 boiled eggs
    Dinner: Chicken breast baked + frozen vegetables, with bbq sauce. Jelly for desert
    Snack: Hot chocolate
    Total calories: 1084

    Happy with that! Going to try and keep it as low as possible. I know people say you shouldn't eat under 1200 calories etc but I need a kick start to my weight loss and know from past experiences that keeping as low calorie (within reason) as possible works for me. It's the gradual reintroduction that I get wrong! But making a proper conscious effort to make that phase last this time. :)
  4. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Weight: 11st 7lbs :mad:
    Today has also been a good day overall :) bit disappointed when I weighed myself this morning as I came in at 11st 7lbs.. yikes! My highest ever weight. I don't feel that big. And part of me wants to not go by what the scales say and just go by what I judge with my clothes and self etc (I don't have any measuring tapes) but I do find it really demoralising when I get on the scales and it says that. But am going to carry on trying my best with calorie counting, I understand that my weight will fluctuate daily and I am OK with that. As long as by this time next week it shows a downward trend, thats good for me!

    Breakfast: All bran with natural fat free yogurt + frozen berries
    Dinner: Tuna salad (lettuce, cherry tomatos, celery, red pepper, sweetcorn + cottage cheese)
    Tea: 1 pork loin, roasted carrots + frozen veg. jelly
    Snacks: lemon allen light bar, cadbury hot chocolate, 3 nice biscuits, handful of cereal
    Total calories: 1387

    Went over my calories quite substantially today: I'm aiming for 1000 but never want to go over 1200. I know where I went wrong though - the extra cereal throughout the day and the biscuits in work (I ate mindlessly). I did go to the gym and burnt about 300 calories so my net is around 1069. However I don't want to get into the habit of eating my exercise calories back - I want them to be a bonus. Obviously if I am really hungry I will eat them, but trying to keep it as low as possible!
  5. xena

    xena Full Member

    Hello :) sounds like you're doing great so far and don't beat yourself up for going a bit over! If i were you I'd eat at least your 1200 but just do what you think is best for you. I just know I couldn't cope on any less! Don't worry about the number on the scale just tell yourself that's the highest number you'll ever see from now on :) good luck!
  6. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Honestly, try not to get too caught up by the number on the scales. It'll only annoy you ;). Go by how your clothes are fitting and take your measurements monthly too. Good luck!! x
  7. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Aww thank you ladies! I will try not to get too caught up on it but it's hard not too sometimes!

    Feeling bad today as I overate by quite a lot. Had a really rough day in work and really fancies some chocolate, so went to the shop and ended up getting some milky buttons, a kinder bar and a milky way. But wasn't too annoyed at myself because when I added that to my planned calories for the day I was on about 1200 calories, which I would have been very happy with. But then ended up getting some chocolate covered pretzels and kidding myself that because they were from a health food shop they must be ok and never checked the calories before woofing them down - it was only a small bag anyway.. 753 calories later!!!! MORTIFIED! I would have thought they were 300 max! Serves me right really though, and has taught me a lesson - always check what the calories will do to my daily calorie totals!! It has put me down a little bit but I'm just going to start fresh tomorrow. I resisted the temptation to think I'd blown it for the day and have another few packets of crisps and chocolate which is good. But going to carry on as normal tomorrow, draw a line under it :)

    I'm going away for the weekend which may be a bit of a struggle: lots of eating out and alcohol! Going to try and track everything though (except alcohol) just so I know what I'm letting myself in for. And try and make healthy choices!

    Todays food:
    Breakfast: Oatbran porridge + frozen berries
    Dinner: Tin spring veg soup, 1 apple
    Tea: Prawn stir fry with chinese veg and medium egg noodles
    Snacks: Apple, kinder bar, milky buttons, milky way, chocolate pretzels
    Total calories: 1990 :ashamed0005:
  8. xena

    xena Full Member

    Don't worry! You're still under 2000 which is great as that's how much a woman would normally eat. But blimey who would have guessed they'd be that many!!
    Good on you for keeping calm and carrying on :)

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