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From Atkins to S&S, saying hi

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by losingit, 12 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    Hi everyone,

    After following Atkins for just over a year (on and off) and losing 4 and a half stone, i'm wanting to give a different diet a go as i'm messing around too much on Atkins and need something that will work quicker. I have been eating carbs for the past 2 or 3 days so i'm out of Ketosis which is a bit unfortunate, but will give it a go starting tomorrow on S&S. First time doing S&S for me, but i'm not new to VLCD, i tried Exante a couple of years ago with good success, although i didn't last longer than one month.

    I'm currently around 14stone 8lbs, haven't updated my signature with my gains as it's depressing me. The good thing is that i'm getting on top of things right now with a 5lb gain and not leaving it until it spirals out of control and i find myself at 19 stone again. My BMI is around 35 i think, ultimately i still need to lose a huge 4 stone at least.

    I have just ordered a 1 week trial mix of S&S, it's due to be delivered today, so starting tomorrow. My goal for S&S is to get down to 13 stone in time for my holiday to Spain in April. Should be easily do-able, just over one and a half stone and almost 2 months to do it in.

    So,... "hi" :)
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  3. xClaire84x

    xClaire84x Full Member

    Hi :).

    Well done on your loses so far :).

  4. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hello you!!! Glad to see you here :D have they arrived yet? Mine have not too long ago xxx

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  5. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Hi and welcome :) You've done amazingly so far with Atkins. Atkins is hard work so I'm sure you'll do great with S&S but good luck anyway!
  6. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    Nice welcome everyone :)

    Hi Stef, nice to see you over here too. My parcel arrived this afternoon yes, excited! Starting in the morning.
  7. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Oooh we will be starting together then :D
    What came in ur pack? Xxx

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  8. flabberghast

    flabberghast Member

    Good luck and well done so far :)

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