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From cambridge to Atkins add a meal?


Alway see the love x
Thanks so much for your reply,supergran. I was hoping to move closer towards Atkins then the normal cambridge add a meal on thingy....
Has any1 out there in minimins land ever done this, or something close.. LL to Atkins?

Thanks again for any help X
Hi woof, im not so sure i can be of any use to you but i was on cambridge until last week and switched over to atkins as i was really missing food, Iv read on here that people have done well when theyv had the two cambridge packs then an atkins meal, why dont u try it for a week and see what happens, if u gain u can always go back to the three packs?


Alway see the love x
Hi Jules.
I know how you feel, I so miss food also. How are you finding "eating" after cambridge? Any side effects? How long were you on Cambridge for?
Im going to take your advise and have a go....

Thankyou for your reply x
that wasnt all of my message, pesky p.c!!!!! However i was misinformed by my cdc and when i should have been going up the steps she had me still at 3 paks so i was basically starving myself!!! I had a week of playing around with atkins and eating what i wanted and gained 2 pounds, that was it!!! I started properly on sunday and im already 2 pounds down, iv had no side effects apart form illuminous pee!!! x


Alway see the love x
Hi again :eek:)
WOW!!! You did really well, I bet you were well pleased....
Ive my 3rd weigh-in 2m and then Im going to add my meal. See how I get on and like yourselk, move fully over to Atkins. MMMmmmeat
illuminous pee????? Im so not going to ask ;o) lol
Glad your feeling good and 2LB down already, thats cracking news.

Oh what to eat 2m? :eek:) Now thats a great question to think about X
she had me still at 3 paks so i was basically starving myself!!
yes and the trouble with that is the body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to those fat cells like mad.

illuminous pee, we've done that one somewhere? :D I still think it's a side effect of ketosis, along with stinky breath and stuff. LOL, nice here isn't it.
I tried this and for me it didn't work. |

The Cambridge packs have 14g of carbs so having 2 a day plus a meal took me to over 30g a day. I am very carb sensitive and need to stay well below 30g to lose consistently. On CD I have 3 packs a day so carbs are around 45g (more if you use bars) but because the cals are so low I lose weight anyway though I dont get the same ketosis high that I do on Atkins.

Another thing was that as soon as I introduced food, yummy Atkins food as opposed to bland Cambridge food, I wanted more. I started having cream in my coffee, snacking on cheese etc when there really was no need. In the end I was eating loads of cals but my carbs were too high because of the packs.

So my opinion is you should do one or the other. The thing about a vlcd is that it takes food out of the equation for a while. Many people like this and many dont. If its not for you switch to low carb. You will stay in ketosis and continue to lose though maybe at a slower rate. But hey you get to eat!

Having said all that you could give it a try. If you can tolerate a higher level of carbs it may work.

I myself am in a bit of a quandry over what plan to follow. I have supplies of Cambridge from when I did it before and it does work. However I do find it difficult to stick to especially when it comes to family time and eating out. I have no such difficulty sticking to low carb. On the other hand CD works really quickly.

Anyway enough of my rambling on. If you do decide to mix the two please let us know how it goes.

I didn't know the paks were so high in carbs Jac, I always looked on CD as a VLCD.
It is Jim

Very Low Calorie Diet about 450cals a day. They say its low carb and I suppose if you compare it to the average UK carb consumption it is. Most people go into ketosis on it. However from a low carb diet point of view I think its too high.

ah I see, very low Calorie, I'd always read that as very low CARB.

My mistake. :)


Alway see the love x
Hi Guy.
I also thought C/D was low carb.... Just been reading the back of my shake (always gives me something to do for 5 seconds while im drinking it, 5 sucks and its gone) It reads as follows...

200 ml chocolate velvet shake.

energy (kal) 68.6 (137.2)
protein 7.0 (14.0g)
carbohydrate 7.0g (14.0g) of which sugars 6.85g (13.7g) of which starch. 15g (.3g) fat 1.4g (2.8g)of which saturates.5g (1.0) of which mono-unsturates .4g (.8g) of which polyunsaturates .5g (1.0g) of which cholesterol 2.5mg (5.0mg) fibre 1.25g (2.5g)

Im a VERY newbee to Atkins but are you meant to do something with the above information to find the true carbs for, Atkins? Have been running around the threads to find out if I recall correct or not with no joy..........

Any help again is grabbed with both hands with many thanks X
Well, I'd like to help here but

carbohydrate 7.0g (14.0g) of which sugars 6.85g (13.7g) of which starch
is confusing me as well? I mean what do the numbers in the brackets represent?
So it's 14G per serving then, presuming the servings are 200ml that is.

I really think manufacturers could make it simpler. I was looking at something the other day where the pack weight was in ounces but the contents were in grams per 100 gram.


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