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Hiya..!!! I thought it would be nice to start up my own thread:) I started on CD again on tuesday so today is Day 3 for me!! I'm still trying to get into ketosis and I'm hoping that by tomorrow I should be in:D . So far so good, I'm in a good place mentally so I hope this time I can crack this weight loss thing once and for all.
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Hi Zareena,

Wishing you success on your new diary thread and I am delighted that 'your head is in the right place' so important...

Still waiting to get back there again, good place to be.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for the support huns, I really appreciate it and please if you don't hear from me, feel free to leave me rude messages so I can get my act together.. although I have a good feeling about it this time;)

Mini.. you'll get there eventually, your body and your mind will know when it is right:). How are you doing though?
LOL!! I didn't mean it that way Isobel!! LOL!! I meant the proverbial kick up the bum.:)
Hi Zareena!

Nice to see you back - I was only asking H about you the other day - have you gone back to her?

I have been struggling lately but for the past 3 days have been 100% and am back in ketosis for the first time in a v v long time.

I go on holiday 2 weeks today so am hoping to have put on the bit I've put on ( a stone and a bit:eek: ) and be back in the 12's!

Good luck and take care.
Hi Mich!!

Great to 'see' you! You're looking really fab btw;) Where are you going on holiday?!

I haven't been back to H. I am not in coventry anymore, I don't know if you spoke to her in depth about me but the last I spoke to her, I did tell her about stuff that was going on, I was having a really hard time and I had to go out of the country for a while. I'm going to have to send her an e-mail or call her.

This diet can be really hard I know so getting to day 3 is a major achievement. I'm sure you'll get the extra weight off in no time.. Hope to see you around;)
Isobel1965 said:
Awww - I'm disappointed now.......LMTO!!!

Aww.. I'm sorry hun, but I'm sure I can think up a way to make it up to you... he! he!
I hope things have settled down for you now, hun and an extra BIG well done on getting to day 3 in that case!!!!!!
Things have settled down a lot now thanks for asking:) :) . Thanks for the vote of confidence too.. its taken me so long to be able to get past day 1 so day 3 is feeling kinda really nice:) :)
Hi Zareena!

No, I didn't speak to H in depth - not that she would have said anything to me anyway - sorry to hear that things have been rough but also glad to hear that things are on the up again.

We are off to Spain - my parents have a house there and we go every year - it's like home from home now and the kids love it (and so will I this year with all my small clothes - I have sooooooo much:D ) - but I'm worth it - or so I keep telling hubby!!

I have just applied for a job back at the uni - got an interview next week so fingers crossed - really hope I get it.

Anyway, mountain of ironing the size of Everest has my name on it so best shoot.

Take care and well done on getting to day 3 I know exactly where you are coming from - haven't got this far in a long, long, long time:D

Hi Zareena, Hi Isobel, how are you ladies doing? I've had a good day, swimming, walking and generally not eating anything naughty. Hang on, must just polish my halo! Oh well, I did have a sinful night to make up for.
Catch you later, love Barb
Isobel1965 said:
Promises, promises.....heard em all before......sniff.......teeheeeee!

LOL Isobel!! You crack me up.. but trust me, this one is not an empty promise;)

Congratulations on the interview Mich!!! I'm sure you'll sail through it, I'm crossing everything for you though:D

Hi Barb, nice to meet you :). I'm doing okay thanks. How are you doing?? Hope to see you around soon.
How freaky is that - Was thinking about you the other day - and wondered how you was getting on.

when are we going to see your pretty face again !!!!!!!!

Avatar please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Shazza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! so many old faces on here:) :) .. I don't know that this face is looking pretty anymore:p, I've aged over the last few months from stress..LOL! ;) I'll try and get one up ASAP thats if I don't break the camera in the!!! How you been though?! Long time no speak!!!!