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From Lipotrim or similar straight to Atkins??

Hi everyone,
I started my weight loss journey doing Lipotrim, didn't get on with the taste of the shakes or the limited variety so I changed to another VLCD which was also a total food replacement diet. What I am wondering is if anybody here has gone straight from a meal replacement diet to doing Atkins? If so did you have to do the refeed first or did you just go from having your shakes etc to doing the Atkins Induction?
Any advice would be appreciated. My Atkins book was ordered yesterday so hope to be joining you all soon.
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Hi there, I started on Lipotrim for a week and lost 12 pounds... but like you couln't handle the shakes and no variety!
As regards starting Atkins - I guess the refeed thing is to manage the way out of Ketosis and back into replenishing the glycogen reserves. Atkins aims to keep you in Ketosis. It is possible that you would put some weight back on - I'll find out tomorrow when I weigh in as I tried WW over last weekend but my sugar levels went through the roof... so I think Atkins offers a real chance to sustain a good weight loss by keeping you eating and in Ketosis.
Over time - you will lose weight...

All the best...

Thanks Brian, I hope you have a good result with your weigh in tomorrow, I shall be keeping an eye out for your update.
VLCD refeeds seem to be based on the premise that you start off with high protein and very little carb meals and gradually reintroduce carbs over a period of time.

As Atkins induction is also a way of eating that depends on high protein and very few carbs (although a lot more calories!) I can see no reason why you would need to refeed before switching over.

The only thing I would beware of is potential tummy problems due to the actual physical amount of high-protein food you can eat on Atkins, especially cos your digestive system won't be used to it after your VLCD.

Maybe ease your way into it by building up the calories/platefuls gradually rather than jumping straight in and eating whatever you want (within plan)?
That's a good point too Yambabe... Wouldn't be a bad idea to take your time and build up to it over a week?
I can't coment on switching over, others will do that, but Atkins was the one for me, all the way.
Thanks Yambabe, I thought I should be able to switch straight over without doing the refeed seeing as I will already be in ketosis. Great idea about building the meal sizes up slowly, I will definitely follow that advice.
Thanks Brian, have you had your weigh in yet?!!! Im eager to find out what you have lost!!

Thanks Jim, my new Atkins book has arrived about ten minutes ago, my son is at his Dad's this weekend so I will have plenty of time to get my head stuck into it. I did Atkins very briefly (about two weeks on it) 7 or 8 years ago and did lose but stupidly I never continued to maintain it. Your weight loss is amazing Jim, such a difference in your before and after pictures. Hope my before and after photos will look as good!!
I was quite surprised to lose 3pounds as I had broken the run by trying WW. But - I also got Ketostix thingies... and it was 8? There was only one more shade it could have gone according to guide so it would seem I'm definitely in Ketosis...
Let us know when you begin your switch and how it's going. :)
I have the ketostix too but dont always find them accurate......when I have been 100% in ketosis it hasnt even registered on them, so I don't bother with them now!
I read up on the refeed for LT and I think I might follow some of that as its slowly introducing foods again, i will just not add the potato etc and stick to the proteins and low carbs. I will start my refeed/slow commence of Atkins next weekend so hopefully some good results to follow soon!
Hi Mum2Alex,

I did something similar to what you're planning before Christmas last year and it worked really well. Basically, I went from 100% TFR to Atkins over about a week and a half. I did the first two days of refeeed exactly as per the refeed plan, then on day three, I stuck to the food quantities but instead of adding carbs, I just upped the protein and fat content very gradually... i.e. on day four, I had chicken breast, but stuffed with a little mozerella, wrapped in one piece of parama ham, and just green veg (no peppers/tomatoes etc).

I took it very handy and only allowed food into my diet that was Atkins-friendly, and I counted my carbs like a hawk (remember, a lipotrim shake has 15g, so I got off them after day 5).

I stayed in ketosis and, over the transition period, I didn't gain weight (which I was afraid of doing).

Good luck!
Thanks Grovergirl some great info there. The chicken breast idea sounds lovely, its going to be so nice being able to chew again!!

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