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  1. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Soooo... Finally I got myself together and started this diary. It's a big step for me and I've been hesitating to do so for the past few days. Perhaps it tastes too much like commitment! It's in writing now, it's official and I have to carry on.

    This first post may be on the long side, with some background and initial thoughts. So bear with me.

    I've been overweight all my life - certainly since age 7, when I started taking appetite-inducing allergy meds. Perhaps it's because I started them so young that I've always had trouble telling when I'm full, or the difference between being hungry and being thirsty. Be it as it may, I've never been happy in myself and got the usual dose of mocking in school and out of it, hurtful comments from kids and adults alike, probably a story no different to many on this site. At different times, I tried to change it with exercise but always fell off the wagon in the end.

    Then, time came to get married. A great time but extremely stressful right up to the day. I started overeating worse than ever, binging all the time. What bride gains weight before her wedding day? I did. And did and did and did. Over a year later and I'm just now on the course to change things. The big question is, why did I do this to myself? It doesn't take a whole lot of brains to see it was the wrong course to take. I saw it as well as anyone and still set myself on that road. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to understand it. The best I can do is guard against it ever happening again in the future.

    Now, I've never been on a diet. I've made many formless attempts at eating better, but lacked the discipline to see them through. Really, what I'm doing now is something I don't want to see as a diet, either. It won't finish once I've reached my goal weight, although it may evolve. I want to see it as more of a lifestyle change that will stay with me for life. So I'm counting calories, learning what reasonable portion sizes are, and drinking a lot of water. An 'everything in moderation' approach. Eventually, I hope to have so much practice I won't need to calorie count. I think this is a sustainable way of going about my weight loss, one that will get me there and keep me there afterward.

    So, this is the beginning: 3rd January, 2013.

    The few days since then have gone well. I'm using mfp with a target loss of just 1lb per week, but I've mostly been hitting targets for a 2lb loss. We'll see what comes of that. I haven't found it all too strenuous, since I'm fortunate enough to love fruit and most vegetables. I do miss my ham sandwiches and putting cheese in pretty much every meal, though. I think that might get tougher as the novelty of it all starts to wear thin.

    5th January: I started 30 Day Shred! Talk about a running start, jumping right into it with no previous exercise and nearly 7 stone to lose! Foolhardy? Maybe; I'm certainly struggling. I'm already tired by the end of the warmup and probably rest more than follow the reps. My hubby thinks I've taken on too much. But I'm determined to continue, especially as already after day 3 my body felt different, a little tighter. It's possible I won't even get past Level 1 in the 30 days; but that's okay. As long as I keep making progress, I'll be happy. No matter what, I'll end up with something better than what I started with.

    That's it for now. A little rambling and maybe a litle negative at times, but I'm hoping it will help me to put it all down.
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  3. Rose-Anna

    Rose-Anna Member

    Hi, I have also decided to sort my weight out once and for all, and just wanted to say a massive good luck, the truthfulness in your diary is so refreshing, I am definitely subscribing
  4. Rose-Anna

    Rose-Anna Member

    Let me know how you getting on with the 30 day shred, I have been tempted to do it but chicken out
  5. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Thank you Rose-Anna, it's great to know someone's interested! Good luck in your weight loss :)

    The 30 Day Shred is HARD... no two ways about it. However, if you stick it out just a few days you start to notice differences, and that's a great motivator. Also, while I'm suffering through the workout itself, I have barely any pain afterwards which is amazing. For most people here the worst day seems to be day 4, mine was actually day 2 - oh gosh, could barely move at all and I won't even tell you about getting up and sitting down :character00264: So it was really surprising that I didn't suffer at all after day 3! It's easy to give up on the bad days but don't! The pain is worth it :)
  6. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Today I think I managed to keep up just a little bit more than before :) I wonder how long it will take me to do the entire video with no breaks. Perhaps I will set this as a goal for myself to reach as soon as possible. After the workout I did an extra 15 tummy crunches so I'm kinda proud of that! It's my very first weigh in tomorrow so watch this space!
  7. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    So I lost 4lbs in my first week - not too bad. I kind of hoped for more, as the initial losses are sometimes so much bigger than later ones, but I guess as I started exercising too the water retention worked against me. Ah well. I'm happy that I've stuck with it and that it hasn't been too hard. Next week will be more of a challenge as I'm invited to dinner at a friend's house. Got to keep reminding myself about portion sizes!
  8. Rose-Anna

    Rose-Anna Member

    Congrats on your weight loss, I know it might not be how much you want but it's a step on the right direction and that is what matters
  9. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Thank you Rose-Anna :) It means a lot to have someone's support! I did day 6 of 30DS just earlier, nipped in the shower and I feel great, no pain :) I've definitely gained in endurance, even though I still can't manage the whole workout. This gain is so fast, it has to be experienced to be believed. I'm thinking it may *just* be possible that I'll manage the whole thing by day 10 - although I may die doing it haha. It would be great if I could reach that goal. So far I have been doing this with 400g cans as it's all I have, better than nothing but unsatisfying. I hope to be able to pick up a set of weights in town tomorrow, it may change the strength part of the workout entirely!

    Foodwise today hasn't been a good day, I gave in to the craving for Tesco ciabattas :rolleyes: and even worse I had 2 - because why have just one if you can have two, right? WRONG, I really really have to change this mindset!!

    Unless things go quite wrong, dinner should be extra-lean beef burgers with wholemeal buns, all home-made by yours truly. So at least I can feel good for that. Bit scared though cause I've never yet made a burger that didn't fall apart! And extra-lean mince may well be even more difficult to hold together :eek: So wish me luck!
  10. claire_oh

    claire_oh Full Member

    Here to follow your journey and offer any support that I can. Well done on your weight loss.

    I had the same problem with falling apart burgers and also meatballs, I could never get them to stick. I have recently been making the ones from the Hairy Dieters recipe book and they hold together every time.

  11. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Thank you Claire! Glad you're here :)

    One of my burgers held together... Hubby was handling them so I will just blame him for the other one falling apart ;)

    Exercise wasn't so good today, for some reason I felt like I could not do quite as much as yesterday :confused: Perhaps because hubby was there?? Oh well, keeping on keeping on...
  12. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Wow, 4lbs is a great start. You should be proud :D

    I will keep track of your thread, and I know I will see some awesome losses in here. Good luck!
  13. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Thank you Alex :) Love the support from you guys.

    Sort of a mixed week this week, had a BIG meal on Saturday (curry and a couple beers, too), but that was a one-off social occasion I knew was coming so I'm refusing to feel bad about it. It was great fun! Now just gotta be good. Friday I really was good, halfway through cooking dinner I realised I should only have half a steak and not a whole one - so I put it on my plate, had half and put the other half in the fridge :D I had a warm fuzzy feeling of pride in myself, even if it's something that should really be a matter of course.

    Workouts have been alright, I'm still on the ball. Won't make the whole workout by day 10, but I'll aim for day 15 now. It may just happen!

    Mindset is still good, I haven't been at this for two weeks yet so it's all shiny and new. I think I'm prepared for the shine to come off eventually, but mostly I just try not to think too much about how long all this will take - too depressing - and simply take each day as it comes.
  14. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    This week I didn't lose anything :( I guess I should be glad I didn't gain, considering the blowout meal on Saturday and the complete writeoff of a day on Wednesday... I went to Cambridge, ate on the go (too much...), didn't drink enough water, hurt my legs badly by limping around in heavy boots, came home too knackered to do the workout or cook, so we had a takeaway >.< Really should have some kind of backup plan for those days when spending any time at all cooking seems like too much. But we don't have a freezer (just a tiny icebox) so I'm not too sure how to achieve that.

    On a slightly more positive note, even though my legs still hurt, I picked the workout right back up the next day and didn't allow myself to let the 'just a little rest' turn into 'just a few days/weeks'. Yesterday was very hard, today was hard too but I still made a noticeable improvement. Day 15 may just be achievable to finish the entire workout! Woo
  15. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    You will do it :) I'll be following
  16. madmuppet

    madmuppet Silver Member

    Keep up the good work hun a STS is so much better then a gain we all have odd weeks its just the carrying on after we have to stick to your doing great :)
  17. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Thank you :) I did WI after breakfast & water so I'm kind of hoping that had an impact too lol.
  18. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    This past week I've been pretty good! Keeping right where I want to be with the calories, although I did go over my fat allowance on a couple days. But now that I no longer have peanuts as a snack, that problem's sorted. Onwards and downwards!

    I started Level 2 of 30DS, it's hard! I am not struggling quite so much as in the beginning of L1 so that's good. Still, most of the exercises are kinda much. I can see 15 days of this in my near future, let's hope it will get me results! I really want to do well.
  19. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    Argh its sooo hard isnt it lol. Keep on going though :D
  20. Rakelnahe

    Rakelnahe Full Member

    Omg you guys it's a 5lb loss this week :D :wee:
  21. madmuppet

    madmuppet Silver Member

    :happy096: Woo hoo big well done to you :D what a result keep up the great work x

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