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Fromage Frais??

I have tons of recipes to use Fromage Frais, but Tesco don't sell it, do other supermarkets sell it? or can you use some other cheesy stuff, i did put cottage cheese in a veg lasagne for the sauce instead of fromage frais and that was nice, but i not sure about using cottage cheese in puddings? help
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** Chief WITCH **
Gosh you're tall ;) (little error I think in your measurements in your User CP?).

I've found fromage frais in each of the large supermarkets... no problem at all... Perhaps you could ask if you've not found it next time you're in?
Tesco definitely do it, in 500g tubs (I eat it by the truck full!!)

It's with the natural yoghurt, not in the cheese section :)

Maintainer. thanks for telling me about my height, i am tall but not 'that' tall, i think i have changed it! lol :)
thanks prawnchopsuey for telling me where it is in tesco, i thought i had looked all over for it! ;)


** Chief WITCH **
You need GPS at times to find things (and then the supermarkets will only reorganise again!)... and then, when you find them, you need a magnifying glass to read the small print to see whether they're allowed!

Crikey you are tall...

(I'm not fat, just too short!)
Quark is very good for subsituting in recipes. (Its skimmed milk soft cheese, but is a bit runnier than the likes of Philedelphia.)

It takes on the taste of whatever you prepare it with, and that makes it incredibly versatile.
I know tesco's have it because I have 2 big tubs of it. I also have quark and natural fat free yogurt. It depends what I'm making, but I use all 3 in recipes.

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