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Frozen grapes


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It sounds like a bit of a funny one but I think they're so good I have to share them with you!

I went to a friend's one night (and she does some wonderful dinners) and after she presented frozen grapes and chocolate to dip them in. They were AMAZING! I have never tried anything like them before and have certainly never thought to freeze a bunch of grapes!

Now I eat them loads. I find they make a great snack in the evenings, after my dinner when I fancy something sweet. Plus a bunch of frozen grapes to munch on is of course FREE! A bit of a crunch and a bit juicy - a little alternative to icecreams.
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A 'mini-sorbet' as one of our group described them!

We always freeze some whenever we manage to get a load - like last night, 3 x £2.69 punnets at 50p each!!!

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Just remember to put them in an airtight container !


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I love frozen grapes. i also freeze bananas peel first wrap in tin foil taste like banana ice lolly and i also freeze strawberries i coat them in sweetner and put on cocktail stick taste like strawberry lollypops. the kids love them too alot of fruit can be frozen i often pick at frozen fruit cures alot of cravings and also a good way of making your fruit last longer. :D
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Our consultant had a disaster the first time she did the frozen grapes and always highlights that we should put them in a tupperware (airtight) box.
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Yes I do mine in just a sandwich bag and they are absolutely fine. Thanks for the banana idea too, might give that a go.


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Why the airtight container bit?
I just chuck 'em in however they come (punnet or bag) and use red, green and black grapes. I must have about 3-4 lots a week. Scrummy.
I always wash ours first, remove all the stalks and remove (eat!) any 'iffy' ones. I let them dry off, and I used to put them into individual sections in ice cube trays, but last time I had so many I just had to freeze them all on a flat tray, expecting them to stick together - they didn't!

Then into freezer bags...


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i have 2 punnets of grapes so i must put some of these in my freezer - how long do they keep in the freezer?
For as long as you can resist them...!!! Seriously though, provided that the ones you freeze are in good condition, they'll last for ages - months certainly, we 'did' our freezers last weekend and found a bag that had got lost, and they were fine, but didn't last long!!!
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Ooh! I started doing this about 6 months back... they were great for taking to lectures! :D
I'm sure that you will have found out by now, but not long, 2-3 hours I would think. I'm always freezing mine for STORAGE though, when I happen to get lots, so usually leave them overnight and bag them up next morning. Have fun!


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Are they hard like an ice cube? Do you have to let them melt in your mouth before chewing? Or are they soft like sorbet or ice cream?

*Has grapes in the fridge and is very curious*

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