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Frozen virgin!!

It won't do it any harm. Bring it indoors,give it a little TLC and Bob's your uncle - ready to use.
KD - see how polite we are on this forum!
I was expecting a lot of saucy jokes about frigid virgins. Perhaps they'll come this evening - after the watershed.
I'll be honest, I only clicked cos of the title! It is pretty cold though - you see bbc news the other day? It's making the rats come inside! :S
*holds all the dirty jokes in and runs away*
yes -the tone is beginning to lower.
KD - I was thinking all sorts when I opened this but glad to see its clean but I am sure someone will follow and spice it up
Miss_unkown said:
I am sure someone will follow and spice it up
*bursts back into the thread*

Lowering the tone eh? I just *know* you've been waiting for me! :D :p

But, you don't need me now you see, Lippy already did the job for me in her second post...... just no-body relalised it....

Lippy said:
saucy jokes about frigid virgins...... Perhaps they'll come this evening.....
So there you have it, tone sufficiently lowered and it's not even one of my own lines that did it.

*leaves thread happy that he lowered the tone and someone else can take the blame*


PS if you don't get the joke..... ponder on it for a while... there are so many ways to make that simple phrase tone-lowering that I would feel too bad pointing them out obvious-like :p
Oh Pete
You are too sharp for your own good!
AND just as I predicted the tone is falling, falling, falling.
You got it!

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