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Frozen Yoghurt?


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It does form ice crystals but would still be edible. Many people do this without the stirring every couple of hours. personally I prefer to leave the yoghurt in for about 4 hours until it's the consistence of Mr Whippy rather than completely solid, but you need to experiment with your timings to get it right.
i use an icecream make which cost a tenner and its fab, i ususally have cherry but i'm going to try it with the choc orange ones, if you leave it over night, you prob want to take it a while before you eat it.
yeh it didnt work out so well in the freezer, eventually i had to go to sleep and in the morning it was absolutely rock solid, left it our for several hours n it has this nasty slushy consistency!
I'm very interested about this ice cream maker, do you put the same ingredients in? (2 muller lights and 500g low fat fromage frais)?

asda are currently selling an ice lolly kit ( 8 'tubes' as part of a rack + 8 sticks all in blue plastic) for a quid - use any Mullerlight yoghurt ( apparently the Choc Sprinkles cherry is well worth makin ) but have been using the Limited Edition Summer Berries and the orange choc sprinkles. 1 tub fills 2 tubes with a bit to spare .

Freeze overnight and then run warm water over plastic tubes to release when you want one.

Eat at once ! You'll love em. :gimi:

Or try peeling a Banana and wrap in foil and freeze - honest it doesnt go black n mushy - I slice mine into 1 cm rings as soon as out from the freezer and they really good too. :bliss:

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