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fruit and veg


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hiyer,when i started this last week i wasn't going to, after being used to free fruit and veg, but, then read up some posts, then checked the calorie values, and boy did i get a shock, so i would definately say yes.:D
beverley123 said:
thanks for letting me know,i wasnt quite sure what to do,i will count my fruit and veg.ive just joined the myfitnesspal its brillient :)
thanks again
Count absolutely everything you eat and drink - you'll be surprised!! MFP amazing


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I do indeed.... It's shocking to find out how much is in food I thought was "empty"!!!
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I used to eat loads of fruit, but due to the high cals rarely eat more than 1 piece a day now. I have started eating dried fruit, it can be lower in cals and lasts much longer. Also counts towards your 5 a day :)
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I find dried fruit much higher in cals. For a small-ish (clearly have portion control problems lol) bag of mango there's 300 cals! That's a meal!

What dried fruit are you eating?

Otherwise I do love fruit and veg, as I'm a vegetarian they at times make up a large portion of my day.
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As above! There aint no such thing as free food....


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I count fruit and veg because most days those are half of my daily eaten calories:)
Those are great calories but you know, still calories...



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Count them. Especially fruit!! :) I don't count salad really tho. It's hardly worth it!! And it's a bother logging it all so I just log it a basic mixed salad for 25 cals ;) it's probably more as I usually have two goid handfuls but hey ho and extra handful of lettuce won't kill me!!

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