Fry Light / pasta bake


Well I just got in from work and when i'm on the late shifts I used to always have a pack of crisps when I got in - I had the craving for crisps tonight (first time since joining SW) and I was trying to ignore my craving so was browsing MiniMins when someone mentioned microwave syn free crisps.

Very thinly sliced potato, spread on a plate, covered in Fry Light and sat - then popped in the microwave until brown.

I must say they were lovely! and really fixed my craving for crisps. My only worry is, when making them (and my SW chips) I have to spray quite a bit of Fry Light over them in order for them to brown properly.

I'm worried i'm using too much fry light, if I use a certain amount, will it become a syn?


Also, while i'm here... I used to love Dolmio creamy cheese and tomato pasta bake - though I just checked and it has 21 or somthing syns in. I have avoided pasta bakes since joining SW as I don't like it on its own, I like it creamy :D......... How can I make a pasta bake? is there any low syn sauces?

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needs to focus!!!!
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you can make a cheese sauce with melting your HEA allowance of laughing cow cheeses and seasoning it. xx


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I make creamy sauces for pasta with quark. You could make a tomato sauce from passata, garlic, herbs and onions then stir through some quark at the end.


needs to focus!!!!
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you can either put them in the microwave or put them on a low heat in a pot. xx
My sister's famous pasta bake consists of lots of different types of vegetables (onions, squash, peppers, aubergines, baby carrots, tomatoes, etc., etc.) roasted, then mixed with cooked pasta, quark and seasoning. Grated cheese (HEXA) on top, then baked until golden and crusty on top. Occasionally she adds some Boursin Light (2 syns for 28g) with the quark.


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mmm lovely but does anyone know answer to your question re fry light?


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its syn free i use loads when making chips and frying stuff and it aint made a dif to my wait lose some people will say u are only supposed to use 10 sprays :)


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Oh wow! Just tried your version of crisps! I seasoned with salt, pepper and vinegar. Super yummy! Thank you :)