Fry Light Spray


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I do worry about this stuff, as I don't know what a sensible amount of skooshing is?

How many skooshes do you usually use? I know it's probably relative to the amount of food you're frying up - for instance, I fried up a bunch of mushrooms and onions this evening and I used about 20 skooshes since mushrooms are so absorbent.
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i pour it over my potatoes, spray like a mad woman why frying.. its never affected my weight losss... i wouldnt panic!x


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I don't really count, just skoosh away!
At 2 calories a squirt it's almost nothing so skoosh away...:)


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Awesome, that's helped to alleviate my fears - thank you! xxx

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Im like Fern, I practically pour it over potatoes when Im making roasties or syn free chips and frying in a pan isnt that much different! Lol.
It has never effected me, so as long as you are not drinking it neat from the bottle, go for it!


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I squirt away with it too. lol

But a little tip, especially when frying some onions, is to add a little bit of stock, just a couple of tablespoons. Use beef, veg, or chicken stock depending on what you are cooking. Really softens the onions and caramelises them nicely. Adds a lovely flavour then to your dish also. ;)


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I don't count my sprays, I just spray away especially on SW roasties, wedges and chips...