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Fry ups...

I live with three other people in a flat. One of them had a full fry up last night, and the other one made one this morning. So I went to sleep and I've woken up to the smell and the sight of bacon and sausages. Aargh! My packs don't seem half as appealing. Very nearly caved in last night and even had a piece of bread in my hands but somehow managed to throw it away. I think this diet would be so much easier if I lived on my own. Temptation is everywhere in this house!
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Trying to stay healthy!
well done on resisting ciwti!! it'll all be worth it in the end!
I understand how you feel, as we had noone in the house and no food around for temptation.Now my uncle has moved! It is very hard to deal with, i too woke up this thinking i was going to cook a fry up and the other half of me said no ur not, you want to be slim or not and now i feel better.
My OH is going on to maintence this week on lighterlife.I think i will have to stay on here to get through it all, otherwise it will be easy for me to cave in.
i know how you feel i live in a house full of yummy food i think it would be better if i lived on my own... just cant afford it.. so come on will power :D
yay we can do it!!!While everyone is putting on, we are getting slimmer yayyyyyyyyyyyy.


Serena's title didn't fit
I guess I myself kinda got used to everyone around me eating.. sounds weird but I live in a studentplace and people cook stuff all the time so the smells are always there. I always sit with them at dinner etc.. of course there are things I'd love like a spinach quiche they made yesterday but I haven't felt the urge to snatch it out of their hands yet, weird enough..

Well done on resisting! :) It gets easier further along the way (or it all did for me so..)

Yay you :)

I really do sympathise with anyone living in a house full of food and think those people preparing meals for others then having their shakes deserve medals, I'm not sure I could do it. I live on my own and the only thing I have in my house apart from my shakes is milk.xx
Am like Lostris, I live with 3 other girls and we are all students. They are always making food but so far I have managed to keep clear. Yesterday one made a veggie lasagne and I went and made my shake lol. They all don't know how I do it.
Like lostris I live in studentsville too... which can be great for CD (knowing the yummy smells aren't my food, so I cant cheat) and bad b/c there are so many different yummy smells at different time.

Everyones doing great! Just remember in january everyone will be bloated and full, and desperately ringing up cdc's and ww people while we can be smug knowing we're getting nearer and nearer our target weights.
If only they made fry-up flavoured CD! That would give the porridge a run for its money! :eat:

I was very close to lamping my other half last night. All I heard for about an hour was "What's for dinner?" "I fancy ....." "How about a takeaway?"

I ended up telling him that I was happy to blend up one of my shakes for him but if I wasn't eating it I wasn't cooking it!
I live with my Hubby and 14 year old son. Drawer is full of choc bars and crisps for pack lunches, there's always a fridge full of food. Both of them are slim and fit, why is it I can tell them they've eaten enough, but never myself...All that's changing now of course and the more they eat the better I'll look..
keep going and step away from the fridge..
Wow, I admire you all! I know it will be worth it, just the smell of bacon was killing me... I've bought a scented candle for my room in the hope that will help!


Serena's title didn't fit
Hiii other studentplace-peoples!! (Sylvie, Randumgirl)

Have your roomies been supportive so far? Mine have been woooooooonderful!! They even asked me if they should not cook certain foods for a while ;-) Love em,

The rest of my housemates are on WW anyways so we are all in the same boat though one is 7lbs away from her target weight and the other does WW to maintain. They are all really encouraging :).

How long have you been on SS Lostris?


Serena's title didn't fit
The rest of my housemates are on WW anyways so we are all in the same boat though one is 7lbs away from her target weight and the other does WW to maintain. They are all really encouraging :).

How long have you been on SS Lostris?

None of my roomies are dieting haha. :) They're all skinny and gorgeous (I swear, they're all pretty people.)

So I am really happy with their supportive attitude as they don't have to be as supportive as they are atm. They've offered to eat chicken on my AAM-days so I don't have to buy it in small portions (more expensive eventually).

I haven't been doing SS longer than 3 weeks as we have different rules here in the Netherlands. :) Our law says SS for 3 weeks then AAM and I've kinda always followed that 'coz I believe laws are there for a reason :$


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