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Frying with olive oil - expensive but ok?

Olive oil is good. But it's better to fry with rapeseed oil because it has a very very high burning point. It's also super low in saturates and apparently has other miraculous properties, I forget exactly what! Olive oil burns quite easily which isn't nice or healthy. Best to keep it for salad dressings etc.
Olive oil is good. But it's better to fry with rapeseed oil because it has a very very high burning point.
Spot on, I use Extra Virgin for salads etc but use the cheap OO for frying. I would use rapeseed but it doesn't agree with me for some reason or other.
I'd heard of the 'rapeseed oil is poison' theory but thought it was an urban myth, much like the similar rumour circulating about soya products.

Canola Oil Warning Hoax

Canola Oil: Poisonous Poseur or Positive Health Partner?

Recipes for Rapeseed Oil, presented by MealSavers.co.uk and Hillfarm Oils. | MealSavers.co.uk

I thought the antioxidant properties of the omega-3 and -6 and vitamin E content of rapeseed oil were positively beneficial.

Any rise in temperature through cooking changes the nature of the organic compounds in food, not always for the better - eg it's proven that eating a lot of burnt meat (barbecued) can increase the risk of getting cancer, as do advanced glycation end products. Yes, there's a risk there, but not as bad as smoking 20 a day.

Food Standards Agency - Eat well, be well - Meat

But ultimately I believe we have to take calculated risks in life, or we'd end up have a thoroughly boring, and tasteless, time.

Don't worry, be happy!
Laura, hear hear! Completely and whole heartedly agree with you!

I love the way you put things sometimes, you have such a way with words.. made me smile!
Well said Laura.

That anti-soya website (nice pic of parrots btw) is in my opinion an example one of the many conspiracy theories out there - a food version of the Da Vinci Code. There are so many of them because anyone can publish anything they like on the internet, at any time - the amount of information out there is almost infinite, but it doesn't mean it's true.

The Japanese have been eating soya for centuries and were the healthiest people on the planet till they got Western fast food.

As for me I'm happy to continue eating edamame followed by tofu stir-fired in rapeseed oil, or perhaps a juicy chargrilled steak - definitely with a large glass of wine.
Yes, well put Laura.

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