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Slow but sure....
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We have the first high tides of the season starting in my area tonight (we live about 30 yards from the beach) they will last for 5 days - 3 years ago my village was flooded out, luckily we are just a little higher than the part that was flooded.

The 'Owld' folk of Norfolk always say that it is the full moon that start's these tidal surge's off - so here is a few more Full Moon Myths.

A full Moon on Christmas day brings misfortune.

Two full Moons in the same month will cause severe weather in the following month.

The Moon is made of green cheese. (Where that come from is anybody's guess!)

It is unlucky to look at the Moon through a pane of glass.

Never sleep exposed to the rays of the Moon because lunacy will follow.

Chickens lay more eggs under a Moon in its last quarter.

Sleeping under the light of a full Moon will make a woman pregnant.

A full Moon during harvest means a good crop.

A new Moon brings good fortune.

In some parts of the world, it is unlucky to point at the Moon. Misfortune will follow.

The first new Moon of the year should be bowed or curtsied to. Men, however, can simply doff their hats in respect.

It is bad luck to dig a grave or bury a body during a new Moon. Other sources say that it is bad luck to open a grave or bury a body during a full Moon.

It is unlucky to drive a nail into a board during a full Moon.

Blowing nine times on a wart while the Moon is full will make the wart go away.

And finally...

A woman must be very careful who she invites to dinner if she had baked a cake when the Moon is full. It seems that some believe that the person who eats the first piece piece other than members of one's own family will become your husband.
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Must ask George Clooney round for cake next month :p


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i rememebr when i was heavily pregnant i thought i would go into labour on a full moon as maternity wards are apparently innundated with women in labour on full moons, they even plan ahead and have more staff in! sposed to be something to do with the pull of the waters.


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It is aknown fact that more people are admitted to mental health wards on full moon than any other time. But the link has never been proven.Ivan Kelly, a Psychologist at the University of Saskatchewan reviewed over 100 studies of lunar cycles and human behavior (including emergency room admissions and suicide attempts) and found nothing to suggest that humans are affected by Earth’s satellite. So why do 81% of mental health professionals, according to a University of New Orleans study, believe that lunar cycles affect human behavior? Part of the reason is historical: The illuminated moon played a more prominent role for our ancestors as both a calendar and a night-light. Before electric lighting became ubiquitous, a bright moon was more likely to disrupt sleep, producing widespread grouchiness. Kelly also cites what psychologists call “confirmation bias” which is a selective thinking process whereby we seek out information that confirms our beliefs and ignore evidence that challenges them. Says Kelly, “Some beliefs are just exciting to hold, whatever the evidence
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My best friend is a psychiatric nurse,he used to work on the wards, and now in the community. He is the last person on earth to believe daft superstition. It took ages for him to finally admit, the ward goes absolutely mental on a full moon. After about 3 years he conceded it can't be all coincidence. The authorities even draft in extra staff specifically for the full moon.

When you think about it though, it is logical. Our monthly cycle is lunar monthly, that cetainly affects my behaviour. We are 80% water, so if the moon affects the tide, why shuldn't it affect us?



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We always have more cranky people calling at work when it's full moon.
I nearly always am more grumpy when it's full moon and I think it effects my hubby too!
I reckon 90% of the arguments we have ever had have been when there was a full moon!
Just shows we are a bit nutty!


shrinking granny
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now thats got me wondering :confused:

a few people I've been talking to have mentioned their diets have gone out the window the past few days, just like mine:cry:

and guess what? there is a full moon :eek::eek:
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i can only say that the last week, as we approached to full moon,was busy and stressfull and manic. the fullness peaked last night and things do seem calmer here!!!

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