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Funky Munky is doing it right this time!


Put the kettle on
Soooo, where to begin. I have been doing SW up until I went on holiday three weeks ago. I spent two weeks eating what I wanted of American food (never good!) and have put on about half a stone as a result :rolleyes:.

I was at a bit of a loss about what to do when I got back. I'm heavier than I would like to be still, but we are TTC and I didnt wanna be dieting while preggers and all that. Soo eventually I have decided today to get back into SW properly. I've been home a week and eating what I fancied still and I'm not looking or feeling good for it!

It is a bit of a funny time for me at the moment. Usually when starting on plan, I work out targets for myself, like I could lose so many pounds by xmas and be this size by this time. But because of TTC, I don't wanna be losing more than a pound a week really, and I also have no idea about how it will all impact on my body and shape. I don't wanna aim to be a size 10 by summer incase I'm six months gone by then :eek: So I don't really have any targets to set myself. Which might be a good thing for me to stop me putting so much pressure on myself.

So anyway, well done if you made it this far. I do have the tendency to ramble so this will be a common theme. I'm doing it at home on my own. I weighed in today at 10st 12lbs. I'm starting back 100% on plan tomorrow (mainly cos I had what's left of my curly fries for lunch!), and the only goal I'm setting myself is to follow SW 100% day in day out!
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Put the kettle on
Todays food as follows
EE day
Boiled eggs and baked beans (whoops no sf for brekkie!)
FF activia
Steak with carrots brocolli cauliflower and green beans
2oz fruit and fibre - heb and five syns
FF activia
Turkey breast steak mashed potatoes and veggies as before
Bbq sauce - five syns
Tea with 350 ml milk hea and four syns for sugar
Lots of no sugar squash

Not a bad start despite the blip. Its been ages since I did an ee day so not used to having to have the sf for brekkie.

Its been such a lazy day today, last one off before I go back to work. So I just wanted to make the most of it and relax. Got some bits ready for the next few days like ironing etc.

Finally decided to test today after feeling a bit hormonal the last few days. Was negative, but still no sign of af, so just feeling a bit fed up of feeling so hormonal without a reasonable explanation!! Grrr.

Oh well, ill have a nice relax on the sofa tonight before an early start and back to the lions den tomorrow.

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