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~^~FuNky *STAR*~

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by funkystar, 18 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    Hi i'm starting this to keep track and also because i can't make it to group so i will have this forum as support. thank you for looking and all the best with your slimming journey.


    B: 35g porridge topped with mixed thawed berries, 1 tsp honey (1syn) small banana and semi skim milk (hea and heb)
    s: sugar free energy drink
    L: couscous, green lentils, baked beans, half tin mackrel in tomato sauce, 1 tbsp swetcorn, green salad, beetroot , 2 tbsp tesco low fat cottage cheese
    D: pasta with baked turkey steak a few oven wedges (regular potato and sweetpotato) courgette, carrots, sugar snap peas
    S: 1 highlights (2syns) 2x aldi multipack curley fries (6.5 syns) 1 freddo caramel 5.5 syns

    total syns: 15
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  3. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    B: 3 slices nimble (heb + 3 syns) a banana, 1 tsp honey (1syn), tesco cottage cheese, marmite, milk with coffee hea
    s: aldi curley fries 3 syns
    L: prawns, salad, 2 lidl crispbread (4syns) sainsburys sweet chili and lime chicken breast pieces (think its free), fruit salad, 2 white coffee from allowance, 2 pretzels from a big bag (2.5syns from 20kcal rule)
    S: boiled egg, cooked turkey,banana, grapes
    D: quorn chili with rice and fat free fromage frais
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  4. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    here to subscribe :D x

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  5. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    thank you missk and well done on your weight loss, will check out your diary :)
  6. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    woke up at 1am and couldnt go back to bed. I know I will be very tired come 2pm..
    I have an early start and a busy morning today.
    I'm also trying to work out how i'm going to spend my syns today with easter choccies etc.

    plan is;
    B: 2 wheatbiscuits heb made with fat free yog. ss milk hea for coffee etc, banana, 2syns for hilight choc drink
    S: cup of tea and a lidl easter egg milk chocolate praline ive worked it out at 6.5 each, salt and vinegar aldi curley fries 3.5 syns
    L: veg omelette with salad. leftover quorn chili if hungry
    S: 1 easter bunny from aldi 3 syns with a cuppa
    D: chicken breast with potatoes and vegs
  7. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    on easter sunday i had more chocolate than i intended probably over ate by 35 syns :eek:. On monday I decided to draw a line on it and start ahead. for some reason i decided to weigh myself first thing in the morning and i found out that i'd gained half a pound. i had a good start and tried not to let it derail me but by the evening i was having some beer and eating crisps over my syns.
    I will certainly not moan about not losing any or as much weight as expected for a first week.

    I read something in slimming world magazine that basically says not to chuck the baby with the bath water.. not to let it be all or nothing.. previously i'd give up completely because of a slip up and let it spiral into weeks of self loathing, binging and despair.

    looking back, if i'd done stuck to any of those diets i would've reached my weight already. so the lesson is one meal or one day does not equal failure. I don't have to be 100%, 80 or 90% will also do. It's not all or nothing. people who get fat didn't get so from one or two days of over eating.. it's what you eat/do the majority of the time.

    Other triggers include lack of good quality sleep, using up my syns early in the day and having high syn foods/treats at home.

    OK so now thats out of the way..onto todays menu

    B: porridge and milk hea and heb, tea, 3.5 quorn sausages at 3.5 syns
    S: tea, freddo caramel 5 syns
    L: beetroot and new potatoes mixed with mustard powder and fat free fromage frais
    D: mushroom, leeks and bacon pasta with salad
    Last edited: 23 April 2014
  8. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    5th day
    B: tea and coffee made up with hea, leftover pasta
    L: aldi cheese curles 3 syns and marmite, tomato and cucumber sandwich nimble heb
    D: slow cooker chicken and veg curry with rice, freddo caramel 5 syns, highlights 2 syns

    I really need to stop weighing myself :( yesterday it showed half a pound loss and today same start weight. i know weight can fluctuate day to day and sometimes within hours but i still find myself sneaking a weigh in......... my official weigh in day is friday . i must remember the indulgences i've had and that admittedly i haven't always stuck to 1/3 super free.. i must be patient and give it time. and be realistic about my expectations..i am eating a lot of delicious healthy food and that is better than the ready made junk and pints of beer i used to have... even if i lose slowly i'm sure my skin and the bloating will improve.

    have a good day all!
  9. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    my dinner yesterday was very tasty and i was hungry when i got home it was nice to have something hot and ready.
    i snacked on fruit and drank lots of water rather than using up my syns early on

    well i sneaked a weigh in again..very naugty i know i know!
    i sts. officially my weigh in day is tomorrow but its not looking good.. and i know why..
    i ave done it before and lost weight sticking to it loosely so i guess i hopped id get away with my easter choccie feast and monday beers and crisps.
    i guess my body has wised up to it..

    B: milk hea, curley cheese crisps 3 syns 2 nimble toast heb and 1 tsp honey 1 syn and 1 tbsp peanut butter 4 syns. already spent 8 syns !!!!!! despite knowing that if i use them up now i will be hankering for a treat in the evening and not have any leftover syns!! arrrggh..still all is not lost..
    s: cheese curls 3 syns
    L: pasta and mackrel in tomato sauce with sweetcorn and peas and salad
    S: fat free natral yogrt
    D: prawn and quorn noodle stirfry with broccoli carrot cabbage sweetcorn peas
    Last edited: 24 April 2014
  10. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    not a food diary just an update..

    today i weigh 13st 2lb
    i have eaten lots of ready salted crisps, chocolate, bread, mcdonald...
    so i have messed up big time. all the time i was eating it i was remembering what i typed up here.

    yesterday i decided to have a vegetable juice for breakfast. i was fine until 1oclock.. i decided to eat some fruit..and by the evening i was eating a big bag of crisps..

    its ironic isnt it.. i was unhappy about my weight... so started sw... then cheated ..thinking i'll be fine..or hoping it at least..then when the scales reflected a minor gain i go off and hoover everything into my mouth. .. and here i am with an even bigger gain..

    ive looked at some food diaries on here and the calories seem very few you are bound to lose weight so i wonder if those who lost on slimming world was because they ate fewer calories anyway.. so might as well be calorie counting?
    maybe i need to look at other diaries where you have a big english for breakfast, a giant pasta salad for lunch and for dinner a curry and rice..and then 10 or 15 syns on top? because thats what i thought i can do on slimming world.......
    maybe people naturally start to regulate their appetite and dont need as much food when theyve been on the plan for a while..so thats why they have fruit or yogurt for breakkie, a green salad or soup with hifi and a lean chicken with veg and a few pots as heb and feel ok. or maybe they feel hungry but stick it out?

    then i tell myself, i cant really blame the program if i havent stuck to it properly... and thats when i return again for another try......

    ive tried going to group, i was still cheating.. ive tried keeping a diary online and offline.. ive tried telling friends and family..ive tried writing down my reasons ....
    maybe im just too stubborn? i dont know..........

    i will certainly look around for other "big eaters" who are losing on EE.........if you know of one, please let me know thanks
    Last edited: 27 April 2014
  11. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    b: ff yogurt, fruit, tea, coffee with milk hea
    l: veg soup with bread heb
    d: pasta with veg and cheese
  12. funkystar

    funkystar Member

    i'm going to give paleo a go .. good luck all

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