Funkymonkey's journey to gorgeousness!!


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Thought i'd start a diary thread after lurking for ages reading all yours!!!!

I start CD tomorrow on the SS programme.
Having struggled with my weight for a few years now, I have decided to put myself at the top of the priority list and get gorgeous for next summer.
We have a big family holiday planned in France and i have bought my bikini in a size 12 already.

I have 40lbs to lose to get to my initial goal. I would like to then lose another 1/2 stone on the maintanence programme.
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S: 18st3lb
Welcome Funkymonkey to MiniMins!!!

I would like to wish you all the best of luck on your weight loss journey and I look forward to reading your diary thread.

Good for you buying your bikini in anticipation:D You have a very good positive attitude...I like it:D

The first couple of days are tough so be gentle with yourself.

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya!! LOVE yer name - it's made me giggle!!

It's a phrase I use quite a lot but more the other way around hehe!

Good to have you on board, hun and look forward to hearing more about your progess!


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aww thanks for the welcome guys.

I am positive - hoping it lasts when i actually get started!! I am full of enthusiasm at the moment and still full from a major pre diet pig out. ;)

So looking forward to tomorrow. Only thing i'm quite worried about is i'm quite active during the day and am a bit worried about passing out from so few calories!!!

Onwards and downwards. Cant wait to be gorgeous!!!