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Funny story about knickers.


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Well when I lost weight I had to throw away all my knickers as they were too big. I have been buying new knickers, but the majority of these are either black or pink stripy, or various other colours or patterns. (Sorry Mark, just ignore this entry :eek:)

While sorting out clothes for the holiday the other day, I realised I have 3 pairs of white trousers, but only a couple of pairs of white knickers, so I went to Tesco the other day, but the multi packs didnt come in white on the style of knickers I wanted, only the granny knickers came in white multipack. While glancing around, I had a look at the kids section, well wait for it girls - I am now the proud owner of 7 pairs of brand new white spanking knickers for a total cost of £2!! But the funny part is the SIZE......................

AGED 15-16 years!!! :):p:D
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He He He

Thats brilliant kered just what I needed to give me a giggle on Monday morning. I recently had a cleanout of "granny knickers " too . felt great !!!!!!!!!!!


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OH was peeing himself laughing when I told him, but I tell you what, its so much cheaper than buying ladies sizes......lol.

Glad I helped cheer you up.
Fantastic story

and good tip. I'll have to look there. I've loved getting bright sexy knickers in La Senza with ribbons, ruffles, sparkly butterflies.
Whoever thought .............................
I am loving your pictures xx


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Thank you - loving your pics too, what a difference, congratulations.
PS, your kitchen doors are identical to mine lol.


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LMAO! your bum's the size of a teenagers! that's great mary!

It is annoying though with the old knickers, I need to buy myself some, wearing the big knickers makes me feel like I'm going commando XD
Thanks Kered

PS, your kitchen doors are identical to mine lol.

Haven't we got good taste !!!They're simple and cheap (I won't say - like me!!)
but practical too - easy to keep clean and nice and bright. I'm glad I chose them.
I can change the colours in the extras so I don't get fed up with them.


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I will be skinny again!!!
Lol thats brilliant chick!! well done :) xx


I will be skinny again!!!
I know! ive been to ashamed to log on :( lol

Ive been browsing though :)


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Yes just read your other thread, back on track now Chel, you can do it hun.

Have you started your new job yet or are you still at the care home?


I will be skinny again!!!
Nope I start tomorrow!!

Sooo nervous lol!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks chick :)

wanted to go out and get new outfits for work but my pay hasnt cleared into my bank from my other job yet :(


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Good Luck Chel! heheh this thread hilarious...weird though jusdt logged on havent been on here since Sat and guess what!?.... I have been doing this afternoon?!.... chucking my knickers (and bras!):roofles: x
Hi Kered, I've found that the BEST colour to wear under white trousers/dresses/skirts are the skin-toned ones, usually found in M & S multipacks of cotton knickers, (black, white and skin-toned) Then you dont see any VPL at all, especially if they are the big, Bridget-Jones type ones...:8855: But I expect you want the sexy-thong-type ones now!!!

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