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Funny Taste

Ketosis has hit!

You can have the sugar-free gum but not the mints
no mints - oops :D Why is that then (just out of interest as i have just discovered mentoes)
yes but i menat what's actually in them that causes that. I know certain drinks contain acids that can affect ketosis

ye gads, just actually read the packet and although they are sugar free they have 225 Kcals per 100grams (although that is more than three packets) mainly down to the fact they have dextrose, sucrose etc in them i expect - that'll teach me not to look closer in future.
Never mind, they were a nice treat while they lasted :sigh:

mind you, the sugar free chewing gum has 175 cals per 100 grms (i've just started reading everything a mo!) and 67g of carbs :eek: sneakily it doesn't tell you the actual weight of the chewing gums in the packet
Dibspl - Gold Spot is brilliant :D (Tescos have it)
i need it, been doing salsa dancing with my CDC and you have to keep swapping the men around and you are so close i really selfconscious about ketosis breath :eek: especially as hubby keeps helpfully informing me that my breath is rank :mad:
although i guess after those mints i may not be as far in K as i thought :rolleyes: the little stick still says pink tho !!

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