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Fab & Fit For Florida
yesterday i checked the scales to find that i had lost 1lb so far this week... wasn't great but i thought atleast i am losing...

have checked today and that 1lb has gone back on!!! i am supposed to weigh in on Monday and so far this week i have lost bot all!!!

i am really not happy cos i am eating less than 1500kcals per day... think i will have to drop to 1000kcals...

i am supposed to have a day off the diet this weekend and now i really don't think i can afford to :( why is this not working for me? :(
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hey dont be so mad at yourself :)
I wouldn't weigh yourself every day, if you can help it. I find it really de-motivational. All sorts contributes to it, the time of day, clothes, etc etc. fluid retention all that kinda stuff. It might balance out again later and you might have lost 2lbs, it does fluctuate in the week :) I would stick to the 1500 over the weekend and see what happens. Your body might just get confused if you drop again so soon!

Good luck for monday :)


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don't give up. I weigh myself every day too, even though I know its not such a good idea. But it definitely varies-- fluid retention, having used the bathroom (I know, TMI), time of day, and other unknown variables. I will stay the same for several days and then suddenly drop 2 pounds overnight-- very strange-- so hang in there. My own struggle is not to give up or binge in frustration when I do see the scale go up. So hang in there. I'm sure you'll see a loss on Monday.


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Absolutely, positively, do not weigh yourself more than once a week.

Your body weight fluctuates naturally throughout the course of a day. Various factors influence your weight, even down to simple barometric pressure. That's why weekly is a more accurate representation of your general progress.

Weighing yourself daily just leads to you getting angry and upset. As it has done here.

Once more, with feeling: Do not weigh yourself more than once a week!


Fab & Fit For Florida
thank you sooo much guys... i really appreciate your kind words...
i didn't go and do anything stupid (thank goodness) i ended up having half a tuna salad for my dinner lol :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
no the tuna salad wasn't great, hence why i only had half the pot lol

was out last night for my day off, drank copious amounts of apple Kopperberg but had a brilliant night - followed by pizza...

that's my day off over... back to 6 days of fun - hopefully my day off will give my metabolism a kick :)

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