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Future Worries :(


Slowly but surely!
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Hi All

I found out yesterday my Aunt (slimming world leader) who has always nagged me about my weight, had a go at my mum for letting me do this diet. Now im 28 years old so firstly I dont need my mums permission but she has been a rock to me and totally approves. She thinks that I will not keep it off and doesnt know anyone who has just meets lots of people at her classes who have depressingly put it all back on and then want to do it the 'sensible' way. At first I was extreamly upset as I just wanted her to acknowledge that I am finally doing something. I then started to worry that maybe she was right, there arent many people around on this forum who can prove it works long term, if there are please tell me she is wrong!! I feel so good about myself at the moment, im a 16/80 and was a 20/22 and loving the diet, Ive stuck to it and know I wont go back to my old ways when im done. I have my weigh in after work so may talk to the pharmacy about my worries too.

Rant over sorry :ashamed0005:
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Here we go again!
I think we all worry about this Em, but it's only natural. I think whilst on this we all learn about our bad habits from before and are determined not to go back to them. Everyone's different and of course, there will be some of us who slip back into our old ways but I am one that is determined not to.

As long as you have learned from your past mistakes about overeating and other things, you should be fine. She's only jealous cos you are doing so well and it's not her beloved SW.


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Aww, sweetie.

I think almost all of us know someone - a friend, family member, whoever - who's a little bit toxic about LT.

I'm so glad you've got your mum supporting you, we all need support and encouragement - and as you say, just sometimes a recognition that we're doing something positive about our weight problems.

By all means talk to the pharmacist, they can put your mind at rest with nutritional stuff etc, i'm sure there are people on here that can say they've kept itheir weight (or the vast bulk of it) off.

You sound like you're loving the changes you can already see, so that's a great encouragment for the future (i feel the same by the way!)


maintaining since June'09
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I would just say 'Thanks for your concern, I hear what you're saying and when I put it all back on I'll come and do it your way' .... smile sweetly then bugger off and prove her wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


maintaining since June'09
S: 15st9.5lb C: 10st13.6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 4st9.9lb(30.02%)
Pardon the language ;)


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I would just say 'Thanks for your concern, I hear what you're saying and when I put it all back on I'll come and do it your way' .... smile sweetly then bugger off and prove her wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my attitude too. My sister gave me the "There's no way you can go from this diet to normal healthy eating and not put a load of weight back on" last night.

I know that she is just making excuses as to why she can't/doesn't want to do it, but it still annoys me all the same. It has made me more determined than ever to prove her wrong. I will lose the weight and it will stay off.... forever:D


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Listen hun, ignore those stupid comments and keep doing what your doing. People make those comments becuase theyre ill educated when it comes to the diet. People have done it for years and years, and theyre are many maintainers on the board who will tell you it is possible!! Like any diet, you will need to eat "sensibly" once your at goal, like every other person needs to in order to stay slim! The best meal is revenge, so you just prrove everybody wrong and dont let them say I told you so! Well done so far your doing fab xx
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Look, I used to BE a SW consultant about 14 years ago, after I lost 3 and a half stone and even that didnt stop the weight creeping back on!!!!! I am hoping that my stomach will shrink now, so that I will be satisfied with much smaller portions of healthy food. So you just carry on doing whats right for you! And I agree, prove them wrong!!!


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"There's no way you can go from this diet to normal healthy eating and not put a load of weight back on"
If we eat like a 'normal' person when we get to target then we won't put the weight back on. If we eat the way we used to- then we will- simple as that. Re-education about portion control & calorie content is the key. We still have a journey to go when we get to goal- one of learning how to eat again. That will be a battle in itself- but if we can get through this phase then we can do it.


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There isnt many people on here who are maintainers at all! to be honest most people hit their targets and dont log on any more..

This was a big fear for me with refeeding is piling the weight back on, but my first weigh in proved good, Havent been for my second one this week, going on wednesday instead, hopefully I havent put anything on..

The healthy food all tastes amazing, Just invest in lots of spices and things to add to your food so its not all plain tasting, this is important -adding spices for flavour instead of fat! and some of it tastes a heck of alot better to be honest!!

I think an important part of it will be allowing yourself the odd treat maybe once a month, just to satisfy any cravings you may get that will result in a binge.

A good tip would also to make sure that if your shopping, DO NOT be tempted by lots of fatty things and say oh I will store that for my treat.
Really make sure you only buy yourself one thing and everything else is healthy!

It will be hard, but we stuck so long without food, and this diet cleanses your palate so that foods will taste different to us now.. I havent craved any fattening foods at all!!
Whatever diet is followed, there is always the risk of the person gaining the weight, whether its TFR, SW, WW or one of the many others that are around. The weight will only go back on if we go back to the way we used to eat, which is what put us all here in the first place. By following refeed/maintenance and healthy eating, the weight will stay off. We only have to look at the gorgeous porgeous to see that.

I agree, tell her to B**ger off hun. You are doing brilliantly.

Miss Bean

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You know my friend said the same thing to me today at college about his Auntie did this and shes put loads of more weight back on on top off what she's lost and all this palava...and I said look I dont mean to be rude but at the end of the day there are plenty of people that come off this and maintain for years and years..there are a few of them lurking around one woman has kept her weight off for 3 years so far so what does that say abotu banging weight on?
Like everyone was saying refeed and maintenance and healthy living is what its all about and this is just the boost to get you there. Retraining your mind - WW even have a stressed/bored craving thingy available so i suspect alot of people may go on to that after refeed to help them.
You keep it up girl and remember how great you are feeling right now and how great you will feel when you get to goal.
Good Luck Hun xxxx


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Honey everyone is SOOOO right!!! This whole diet is about changing your attitude to food! I started 3 years ago at a size 22 and got down to a size 16. I was still a size 16 when i started back on here 3 weeks ago!

I had to accept the fact that i am always going to have to watch what i eat! So for me, all through the diet and the year after coming off LT it was all a learning curve. I put a few lbs on here and there but when you realise your doing it, you immedately cut back down on what you are eating. I tend to watch what i'm eating during the week by follwing a plan like slimming world or weight watchers or even just calorie counting and then at the weekend ill eat and drink exactly what i want when i want it and bloody enjoy it too! :p

My aunty did this with me when i started, she has still kept the weight off and so have lots of people i used to talk to on here, like Chelly said, they just dont stick around once they have reached target weight. As long as you are realistic with this diet and realise that you are still going to have to work hard to stay slim when you finish the shakes...you really cant go wrong!! I know it is family but ignore what people say...please hun! Just you get back into this and prove them all wrong!xx


Slowly but surely!
S: 17st5.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.95%)
Thanks everyone, I am happy and will carry on till i hit target and then I will do everything in my power to keep it off, that is why im getting rid of all the old clothes the minute the new ones get tight ill know ill have to do something without it getting out of control, cant wait to prove her wrong xxxx
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hi hun well done for doing lt thats the 1st step with regards to putting the weight back on if you go back to the old eating habits then yes you will put it back the idea about this diet that whilst your not eating any food it gives you time to reflect on how/why you have a weught problem and start thinking about eating healthier and eating small portions I personally am no angel where food is concerened but i promise you this i will not put back on the 4 st ive lost so far so my advice to you is to stick up 2 fingers to the negative comments and prove them all wrong

all the best

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