Gah! Week 3 WI


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After being advised to go on CD 1000 (cos I hate soups and only like 1 shake) I took that advice and put on a 1lb!
Saying that, I lost 14lbs in two weeks with my last week being TOTM.
Im in no way upset by my CDC decision, just that I wish I hadnt put on a 1lb.
She reckons Id have a great loss next week once my body adjusts with all the faffing its going through.
One littel pound is nothing to the many Im going to lose in the next few weeks :)
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week 3 is quite well known for having a bit of a "dip", so with the change of plan too, i wouldn't worry hun.
i know its easier said than done though lol


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I put on 5 my first week with 1000, lost three the next week so don't panic it will prob settle down - you do lose on 1000 because it isn't enough to gain fat - ie your body needs more than 1000 to function xx
Hope you get sorted xx

Week three I also put on half a pound ish on ss!! Apparently it is a week 3 thing - your body reacting to the diet - it doesn't last!!!


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i sts in week 3 (major bummer) but lost 3lbs the following week.


Fat busting crime fighter
do you know what? I bloody love you girls. Your support is tremendous.
Mwah mwah mwah... kissies xx