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Gained 3lbs in a day!!!

Ok so we had friends round yesterday with wine, crisps, spag bol and cheesecake. Very naughty as I'd been doing so well and lost 2lbs this week. I stepped on the scales this morning and have gained 3lbs since yesterday morning!
I daren't eat anything today!
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tbh hun i doubt you have, this is why WW have their WIs one a week, each day we differ by 2lbs or more, either lossing it or gaining it, you may find the actual weight of the food is still playing a huge part in your actual weight but it wont be fat, it will be the food along with water retention which will most likely vanish in 2 - 3 days x
So do you think I should carry on as normal or try to eat less points each day?
Thank you, I hope so!
dont worry it will just be the food weighing heavy wait until your actual weigh in day and your see a big difference. weight naturally fluctuates from day to day...chin up im sure all will be ok on your offical weigh in day x
I always have a NO points day after weigh day so im sure if you just stick to your points from now.. Come weigh day you'll be fine :D
To gain 3lbs you'd have to have eaten more than 10,000 EXTRA calories yesterday.

As it's already been said this is exactly why you should only weigh yourself once a week. Stick to your points bank 1 or 2 a day if it makes you feel better ;) but really don't worry about it x
Yes I thought that, and 10,000 calories is alot of food even on a 'pig out' and this doesn't even sounds like a blow out just a social occasion you had with your friends :)
I have been much better at my serial scale hopping lately, but yesterday I was naughty and weighed myself in the morning, then again later in the evening. And apparently, I gained 5 pounds.
Now I know I ate a sandwich and drank a glass of water. I also know i did NOT gain 5 pounds in a few hours!!
SO- stay off the scales till weigh in, and if you really feel the need, save a point or two a day and do a bit of exercise :)
Thanks everyone! Feel better already!
love, I weight myself every day, it's a habit I can't get rid of. I go to the restaurant the night of my official weigh-in (which falls on Sunday). When I weight myself the following day, I'm *ALWAYS* 3 lbs heavier. But that's just food still in circulation and water retention because probably the food I had was too salty at restaurant. The following day (Tuesday) I've always lost 1.5 to 2 lbs, and on the following day (Wednesday) I'm back to the weight I was on Sunday.

Maybe after a night like that try to stay light the following day: I use the principle of the wendy plan and have 4 points less than my allowance on a Monday. Then, I would have 2 points less than my allowance on a Tuesday and do some exercise on a Wednesday, usually a very long walk (6/7 miles now, but I started with 2!)

This strategy still works now in maintenance, in fact I'm still losing weight!:eek:

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