Gaining Weight on Atkins


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Hi Guys,

Just to set my mind at rest, when people have 'gained' on certain weeks is it because you've cheated? or have you ever gained weight in a week whilst following the diet religiously?

It'd be really good to see the answers to this if anyone's willing?

I also wanted to know about alcohol, i've not been drinking at all during my first week but i didn't know when i'm able to drink? (obviously carb free spirits)

I'd be happy for any help ;)
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Never gained when following it religiously but people often say they've gained or aren't losing weight and then we find out they're weighing in more than once a week or at a different time! It must be once a week at the same time! When i've cheated i've gained up to 10 pounds in 5 days and then i'll lose it all again the following week. Cheating on this diet isn't worth it, it takes a couple of weeks to get back on track.

As for alcohol, I think you can have it from week 3 or whenever you come off induction. I personally don't because I can't stand the thought i'm burning alcohol and the fat gets to stay on me a few hours longer!
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I've gained while being strict. Not much only a pound or two. A lot of alcohol was most likely the cause, and i say a lot i mean 3 or 4 nights of wine. Vodka or bacardi seems okay.


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limited experience from me but definitely
go on carbfest for one meal only => sts


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Thank you both for this! It really sets my mind at rest :)


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I've gained while being in heavy ketosis, but I think that's down to having had sugar free sweets. People can definitely stay the same for a week despite eating perfectly on the diet - but bodies are odd things, you can do that on any diet if your body is going through an adjustment phase. Some people are stalled by legal things like nuts and cheese, but that's only worth worrying about if you do find yourself at a plateau.


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I have gained whilst being strict but then I have had a huge loss the week after. It took me 6 weeks to gain 7lbs over xmas and jan and I went NUTS!


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i've not gained while being strict, but i have had long periods where i've not lost.

ie, i gaine d 4lb over christmas, because i had one day where i ate carbs. it has taken me right up to now to lose 2lb of that. and i don't 'cheat'
on the other hand, OH cheats all the time, and steadily losses, and has lost twice as much weight as me over the same period.
so, everyone is different!


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S: 11st12.6lb C: 10st0.8lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st11.8lb(15.49%)
Wish i hadn't posted this thread now. Since i did i've gained back 2lbs that i had lost... the only difference has been i tried a MiM for the first time one day and flaxseed pancakes the next (and i was still within my carbs for the day and had loads of vegetables) so i'm going to stick with meat and veg again for a couple weeks before i try flaxseed stuff again i think.


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I've stayed the same whilst being strict but never gained.